Ewa’s Thoughts in Words


We lose ourselves everyday to the west and this gets me wondering, “are we really so worthless?” Had it become so bad that we do not have confidence in who we are? Why are we trying so hard to work in another’s shadow? Why are we trying so hard to emulate another’s life style? By wanting to talk like them, eat like them, dress like them and even celebrate their themes. . . are we so ashamed of who we are? Why do we want to deprive generations unborn, of the right to know and enjoy this beautiful and unqniue cultural heritage which even the white man could not keep his hands off?

They feed us lies, tell us we are uncivilized when actually they have their eyes on the things we possess, the very same things they pretend to despise.

They have stolen thousands of our artefacts, enclosed them in glass cases, in glass houses called museums and make us pay money to come see the very treasures of our ancestral homes taken form us. We pay to visit and see them and call it tourism.

Why do you keep putting yourself down and expecting a lift? From who? The same person or persons who have been trying so hard to demoralize you mentally?

They abuse you psychologically by messing with your mind. They use the tool of propaganda to tell you, you are from a “shit hole”. They broadcast continuously a ravaging level of poverty stricken race, having no regards for your emotions, calling you all sorts of names and treating you like something less. Yet, each time you gather on international scenes and screens, you make unimaginable gest of yourselves by telling such jokes that display your desperation to be someone other than who you are and you gladly occupy the position you have been subjected to fill.
You have all it takes, so be proud of who you are…