Ewa’s Thoughts in Words


Inspired by sound reasoning, each day instils in me a great sense of joy and the gratitude for being alive.

Sleeping and waking up is undeniably one big miracle we tend to over look as individuals. We often take for granted the gift of breath in our lungs yet in fragment of seconds the body irrespective of its size, weight or even height becomes lifeless the moment that very important element called air fails to support the functionality of our being.

Human existence as well as intellect  negate strong need for a new life style that can give us the opportunity to see the world in the best way possible, to know that most times, the contentment we seek is not in the piles of rubbish we stock around us called wealth but in little things we tend to neglect everyday as we deal with the issues of life. Things such as courtesy, kindness, friendliness, kind words, empathy, gratitude among others, are responsible for a peaceful, joyful, fulfilling, pure laughter that no amount of money can fetch us.

It’s no doubt that the world has evolved and our ways also, the feeling of satisfaction quite relative in things that really matter the most. Our attention has shifted from the real joys to momentary joys all because we choose to modify our values.

Today, as we count ourselves lucky to be among those breathing without support, let us reflect on this rare opportunity which has once again presented itself in the birth of the new beininging called 2021. Let’s make our presence count, by trending on good deeds this new year. Let’s express our gratitude through kindness, compassion, patience, empathy, laughter. Let’s say no to evil deeds and evil people. Let’s stand for justice, for equity and peace. Let’s be weary of bad choices. Let our values be core and our morals uncompromising.