Ewa’s Thought in Words


Life has never given anyone a total feeling of satisfaction. We keep craving for one thing after another.

Life is like a beautiful mall, filled with all manner of good and not so good things ranging from the designers to the nameless. The shopper comes in and literally wants to buy everything he or she fancies… The more they buy, the more they want to buy, with only brief moments of satisfaction within which they are seeing other things they think could make them happier if they are acquired.

The truth is that life is not meant to leave any individual happy FOREVER.
Man is so insatiable. His nature does not accord him the choice of feeling content for too long.

Only very few human persons have come to the realization that the wealth of this world cannot truly guarantee one’s happiness. For this reason, they strive to detach themselves from the control of wealth and material things which can only ever increase the burden of wanting and never satisfying.

If money was the key to happiness, I strongly believe that only the rich would have unlimited access to it. In fact, they shouldn’t have any reason to be sad. But money isn’t. Happiness is a product that emanates from the goodness shown to others, joy derived from kind deeds done… as it is rightly said, there is no how you spray someone with fragrance that you don’t end up scenting same.

It’s quite sad, how some people have ignorantly submitted themselves to the bondage of insatiable appetite. They do anything and everything for wealth that will rot away someday.

The worse category of these individuals are those who feel that their importance is tied only to their monies or wealth. For these ones, they can never experience the joy of life if they do not learn to see beyond the material wealth.
Find your satisfaction and joy this new year by doing good deeds and looking beyond only what money can provide, such as showing love to the loveless, help to the hepless, lending an ear to the burdened. Some kind words can go a long way for the broken. Look out for the lost, the confused, the abandoned and those who have already given up on life because of current state of things. Pay a bit of attention to those who work for you or rather are unworthy of your attention (by your judgement or standards). Engage in some volunteering services. Invest your time in someone’s well-being. Pay attention to ills around you and the society in general and say no to such whenever opportunity presents itself. Surely, there is great satisfaction in service. . . Being a volunteer has the capacity to saturate you with pure bliss for there is an amazing delight in serving because it is priceless. That is where true happiness lies. Reach for it.