Ewa’s Thought in Words


The girl child!
She is the most exploited.
Sold like a commodity,
Daily, she gets violated..
Her innocence snatched without mercy..
She’s forced into womanhood in cruelty,
Right under the watchful eyes of the society.

The girl child!
She is used as a bridge of consolidation by many families…
A strong weapon for alliances.
A treasure house for debt settlement..
She’s taught not to dream
As there is no place to birth her dreams..
since she’s meant to be like a toy in the hands of her owner.

The girl child!
No one wants to know her pain.
No one wants to hold her hand
No one wants to feel her fears
Her confidence is everyday stripped by the very people who owe it to her to protect her..

The girl child!
The real victim of most socities
Such as her liberty taken away without her consent
She’s meant to bear the burden of a husband, as she slaves through the unfavourable institution called marriage.
With no voice to project her mind.

The girl child!
Mostly treated like a piece of furniture…
She’s taught to meet needs of every other person except her’s…
She’s  taught too early to mortgage her happiness and importance…
Reminding her every time that her concerns don’t matter.

The girl child!
A victim of societal norms.
While she’s taught to value and uphold relationships,
Her own self worth is valued at nothing.
She’s meant to live according to certain standards and procedures like a machine with an operational manual.

She’s blamed for being raped
She is also blamed for any thing that may ever go wrong in her life .
She carries a massive heap of blames around her daily.