Ewa’s Thought in Words


They call it activities of global interactions. I call it madness.You lose your dignity to social media.

Disparagingly you display your ingnorance and hang your intellectual inadequacies on the walls of moral decadence.

When your life gets to the point of seeking social intervention through the constant quest for validation of others determining therefore when you feel important or less, that means you have reduced your human dignity and position as one who is created to have dominion, to one being dominated and controlled by his own creation.

Social media came into existence through man’s own invention. It’s an empty platform on it’s own that has no power except that which man has recently accorded it… Over the years, the dangers of this very creation has become man’s impediment. . . It has become a successive tool for many down falls and even deaths…a typical case of when the potter becomes the clay.

People dope on social media activities..
They practically go crazy on the pages of these platforms, having little or no lives aside being on the social media arena, staying on it from dawn to dusk .

Undoubtably, there is quite alot we can positively gain from these pages but most times our activities are only reduced to posting of selfies, displays of wealth such as cars, houses, net-worths and even showing of enhanced bodies, ultimately gunning for validations. . .

Painfully, most people tend to believe whatever they see on social media platforms. They dope freely on the unrealistic life styles of others thereby putting themselves in an unrealistic mood which eventually leads them on an insane mission and sometimes ends up doing them more harm than good.

There are many good deals available on these pages, those ones that are intended for capacity building and knowledge enhancements, those that specialise in helping others climb the ladder of fame through skill acquisitions and responsible enterprises. . . As always with most humans though, they rather remain and even die with an unrealistic life style and situations than face the truth and be set free.

The danger of social media packaging as is popularly called cannot be quantified. Many have been deceived by the fake lives of others through social media activities, while some can only feel relevant through their activities on social media. Whichever way it may appear, social media doping is undeniably prevailing and most people are totally entangled . . .
Social media doping therefore has constantly remained the high upon which fake instant fames have been created and also where many self worths have permanently been destroyed.