Ewa’s Thought in Words


The darkness of bad governance erupts daily, for the very ones who are meant to protect the lives of the people are themselves the one who slaughter without mercy. . 

What can ever compare to the soulful cry of a Leah’s mother or is it Mama Okey whose pain no one can ever dare to understand as she held her lifeless son in her arms amid tears and screams. 

Okey! Okey!! Okey !!! she kept calling but the echo of silence filled the air with an endless gush of blood from the gun shot wounds that took his life without warning.

The darkness of bad governance keeps untethering the dreadful frustrations the teamimg Nigerian youths have had to endure in silence for years in anticipation of a better tomorrow which has continuously ended in countless lifeless bodies of the innocent unarmed youths on the streets of the nation.

No one seems to take responsibility for the many lives lost, for the spat of killings, abductions of both farmers, school children in their numbers abducted right from their hostels or even those innocent citizens killed in their homes in the dead of the night and in broad daylight, and the unequivocal truth that the evils of bad governance has painfully brought on the entire generation of scores of Nigerians ranging from the aged to the little ones still in their mother’s wombs.

Our land is constantly drenched with blood. . . and the inconsolable tears of helpless parents and loved ones whose voices has never mattered.  They are those who may never have closure on what really went down with their children or wards..

Today, I pray, let’s stand strong on the blood of the fallen martyrs, for even in death, they were not afraid to say “ENOUGH” to bad governance.

Nigeria our great fatherland! You who were once the pride of your brothers. 
You who stood in defence of life and properties of your commonwealth brothers. Today, you shamelessly spill the blood of your own unarmed youths. Your frail hungry and aged citizens whose only sin is to ask for a better life and for your understanding of the predicament bad governance has continued to cause to Nigerians and the entire nation over the years. But as always, the cry means nothing to the ones who control the wheels of fortunes.