Ewa’s Thought in Words


Time existed when no man did.
It separated the end from the beginning. Everything ever created has an allocation call time. It’s time that clocked in every existence and it’s still time that assigns its exit.
Everything runs out of time…it means that at some point, someone or something expires but time remains constant..

We feel entitled to things we never created. We pride ourselves so high with privileges we do not deserve.

We sleep and wake up without knowing how it happened. We wake to a new day with no sense of gratitude. We wake as though we created the day and begin our day with series of complains.

We tend to pin all of our problems on God, even the ones we have successfully created by ourselves because of the wrong choices we have indulged. That’s exactly what children do. They tend to blame all their problems on parents even those they have created with their own hands.

Insecurity no matter which it is, is like an infection, meaning it has capacity to unseat our peace and outrightly end or destabilise our relationships whether intrapersonal or interpersonal.

The world can never be a fair place.
Upon the wings of its unfairness lies the balance of everything good or bad.
One person’s turbulence is always another’s peace.

The cry of one most times is the reason for another’s joy, but time creates the beauty called balance, the balance where we all have same experiences but at different times, degrees and dimensions.

Time is the beininging of everything and time will definitely be here when all is done and dusted. Time is indeed the real story untold!!