Ewa’s Thought in Words


I use to think that healing the sick was the sole job of the medical doctors or divine healers until a little boy fourteen years ago changed that thought and opened my mind to a more holistic and encompassing understanding of what the act of healing truly means and what it takes to make it available for those in need of it. He said becoming a source of healing does not require any professional qualification but compassion, empathy and complete willingness to extend good health of mind and body to the weak among us at any particular time and situation.
You may never appreciate pain until you experience it. You may never appreciate loneliness unless you have been through it. Life is not often a bed of roses, and even roses are not without thorns.
All my life, I have learnt one thing so constantly…we came into this beautiful world with nothing and will definitely depart with nothing in due time, and nothing is worth more than good memories, because that’s the only thing you can never depart without whether sudden or prepared. Your memories are ever with you as a human person. In fact, science has proven that one’s memories play like a movie in the eyes shortly before they pass on.
Sickness can be defined as a state of being unwell whether mentally, physically, psychologically  spiritually, emotionally or otherwise. Whichever it is, it refers to a state of grave affliction of disease or mental depression resulting from a certain undesired state of one’s well-being. During this period of encounter, the vulnerability of the individual in various ways or aspect of life is better imagined than told. The desire to strongly get out of such devastating positions of afflictions tend to rule their world.

We are currently in an era where healing has become very imperative. Healing of the mind, healing of the body, healing of the soul, healing of our ways as the events of our times has gone from constructive to destructive, inhuman and eco-unfriendly. Our thinking less accomodative. Thehe quest to be better than the other human person has stepped up a whole new notch from what it used to be, people go all out in being competitive. 

The “live and let live” assertion is no longer a reliable practice.
Morals are compromised, values are misplaced, good actions most times misinterpreted, to suit the twisted minds and thoughts of the new era.

The hunger to do evil is effortlessly becoming a bane, the craving for evil activities a way of life seen as normal. Insecurities and uncertainties have become a lasting theme with anxiety parading openly the conscience of the human person.
Worries have become a constant, even babies are not spared.

The earth reclines at the evil activities of man. Man has become harmful to himself. Through his choices, he has set up himself for failure.
He has become increasingly unfaithful even in matters of his heart, compromising the very essence of his existence, giving all, in a sell out for fame and power, forgetting that it is not the end of the world.

Are u ready to be that source? The source through which the weak in mind or body gets their life back?
Let’s heal our world and change our ways…