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Many have gone down because of a few unguarded comments certain disgruntled and spiteful losers did make about them…credit to social media.

Nothing in this life is as dangerous as fear. Fear is one faceless monster that tirelessly feeds on man’s emotions. Like a disease, it can only be defeated by man’s resilience.

When you react to everything that is said about you, it means you might just die before your time. Fear breeds death because it has a way of terrorising your body physiology if you let it into your system. Fear is a nerve – wrecker. It can cause brain freeze and even paralysis to the body as a whole. Fear ignites anxiety which induces a crazy level of distress, capable of demobilising any human person no matter their size.

The human emotions are the most powerful signals ever transmitted without a medium. Human beings are generally driven by these emotions, like demons they possess. Most human emotions are high on negative vibes. When you allow yourself to be negatively driven by your thoughts, your feelings and any other humanistic pessimism, then there is absolutely no limit to which fear in you or around you can get.
Fear, no doubt can cause mental brokenness.

Brokenness is a state of mind where the human person feels fractured, defeated by life’s hardships, overly overwhelmed by trials. When the weight of life’s undesired occurrences keep putting pressure on your mental capacity and stretches out your elasticity as a human person, it’s only natural that giving into fear becomes an option.
Pain whichever it is, is the second biggest enemy of man.

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It puts you under its clutches no matter the giant that you are.
It makes you feel helpless and frustrated.

Alone and defeated.
It separates you from sounds of joy and plagues you with unending noise  of woes and worries.
Sudden loss of interest to life and the excitement of a once promising and hopeful self.

oblivion a better option than hope.
Wallowing in self pity and condemnation a perfect craft without effort.
Like a moving train, life goes on.
Even when fear keeps you down on hold, like one held in traffic.