Ewa’s Thought in Words


Screaming gender equality is not enough! It can never change a thing, no matter the time. The woman has been blinded for so long by her continuous disadvantage.
She has been oppressed far too long by the society, through norms and values, gender disparity and bad marriages so much so that she cannot opt for freedom even if she has the chance.

She quarrels everyday about the unpleasant things done to her by the manly society she finds herself, where her usefulness majorly is to please the man, who has over the years been her oppressor.

It’s obvious that the woman is no longer where she used to be in the society. Her determination and struggles have compelled her into fierce competition with the man, who for as long as he exists has taken undue advantage of what tradition and norms have armed him with in treating the woman as though a master to the slave. However, as much as the woman has now broken that chain of limitation and irrelevance, she’s still always held back in her own self hate and unending doubts and lack of confidence in herself no matter her feat and position. Permit me to say, a slave who has served the master for too long may never feel free even if they were released from their chains. The truth is that, the body might be free from the chains of the master but the mind will always remain in captivity.

Women claim to stand together in celebration of days like international women’s day, mother’s day and any other female related celebrations. How about standing by their fellow women when its truly necessary to show solidarity and oneness of place and purpose in politics, social and economic platforms, which are the true stages of mental liberation and total deliverance from this long standing oppressive and repressive manipulation of the master called man. A typical example is that of Dr. Sarah Jibril, the first female in Nigeria to vie for presidency… We all know what happened right? Not even one woman cast her vote in her favour right?

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The woman must first of all conquer the truth of self and the awareness of what her real problem is. She must be more than ready to accept the truth and deal with it as such.

Petty jealousy and hatred amongst women is the very reason their quest for equality may never be fully achieved. The woman spends a lot of time and efforts tearing down a fellow woman, when she is supposed to join hands in building the same woman.. Women must make deliberate efforts at supporting each other. As women join hands to lift each other, the journey to equality will yield dividends. Until then, it’s not yet Uhuru for the gender equality struggle in our society.