Ewa’s Thought in Words


It runs wild, no longer lurking in the dark nor lying in wait for ignorant victims.
Knowledge cannot be depended upon when the mind fails to support beautiful thought nor exude pure bliss.
Hopelessness has dominated the human resilience and resistance, it has deflated and depilated perseverance and has long lauched the spirit of despair through the crushing feeling of depression which is now the real reality of most persons.

It’s no doubt that times have evolved, likewise the kind of problems associated with these times. . . Some of the Ideologies and philosophies of this new age are quite disturbing and the terror making rounds through insecurities, general hardships and sufferings not helping either. The human mind has gone mad with different kinds of perversions. The scaredness of humanity lost in the transient vanities of unreasonable desires and like bad wine, joy has lost its taste while striving to remain relevent in a depressive and repressive state of being which now trends like an epidemic.

Depression roams freely in the streets of our minds inducing unusual sadness most times all over the place, causing anger and rage even in self conceit.
The web of depression has spared no one. We are all roped in it one way or another with undeniable effects of bad governance at its roots over the years, while societial failure secures its stay and exerts irreparable effect on the lives of our youths and the society at large. Tell me, how frustrating can it be with young dreams in a society like ours where a first classs graduate roams the streets endlessly with no gainful employment many years after graduation? A certificate which he or she invested so much time and efforts in attaining? How frustrating can it be when life feels stagnant with no significant progression after so many years of toiling relentlessly with practically nothing to show for it, not even the luxury of having to eat good meals or eat when hungry.

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The youths are feeling inadequate and parents are feeling even worse as all their efforts to give their children a better life has become more like a mere waste of time and resources.
Young dreams are scuttled while parental expectations are crumbling, the feeling of being let down a mutual wave controlling the tides of time.
Life is truly an unpredictable venture, hard work and dedication does not most times qualify for sucess. What an irony!

There is nothing as saddening as feeling stuck or trapped especially in these hard times when financial burdens are on the rise with practically low or no income to squash the effect that bad economy has overtly plunged everyone irrespective of age.

The news of suicide in our society or even the other parts of the world is no longer a mystery. Depression has invaded our land, throwing our young men and women on a futile harvest of evil thoughts even death cannot resolve. Be wary therefore and know that living life is a choice we must consciously make, not because life is easy or is without troubles or frustration and disappointments but because it’s the noble way to go. Remember, taking your life or allowing depression ruin your life doesnt fix your problems or that of the world.