Ewa’s Thought in Words


When morals decay, values are lost and the benefits of good moral values such as good manners and healthy behavioural habits are lost too. Consequently, great moral values such as truth, freedom, intergrity, respect, charity among others don’t function as they should.

Morality has gradually become a concept instead of an actual operatable role. The pursuit of self actualization and some daring human ambitions in recent times has taken away in the real sense the values and virtues that once defined our existence as a people of good moral standing and standards.

Over the years, the society has suffered many losses and morality is one of them. Whatever has happened over the years across the globe is gross enough to have changed the lives of many as opposed to what good morals should entail.
Our conduct and thrills no longer reflect our beliefs as such our culture is endangered with so many unacceptable practices which now forms the new milieu.

Moral values were the yardstick for distinguishing right from wrong. It helped us make good choices and directed us in the right part where other human sensibilities were considered and repected. Where good character was a goal almost everyone wanted to be identified with and the feeling of doing good was fullfilling and satisfying.

Amazingly, the era of liberalism came and brought with it what I call selfishness. In this era, the concerns are mostly individualistic as priorities are no longer holistically accommodated, meaning that our once common and generally accepted values are now relative to individuals and how they relate to it.

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The effect of our moral decay is greatly incontestable, as the world goes through a phase of hate where even the love of self is lost. Human beings have become so incapable of love, respectfulness, compassion, truthfulness, honesty, a few amongst others. The world is in chaos today because of lack of love and respect for other human beings. The impunity and ignominy in which most people in places of power and authority treat their fellow human kind is largely devoid of love and moral justice. There is practically no respect for lives and rights of others. They act as though moral values are not meant for them as long as power and authority is in their hands. When did power and authority become synonymous with moral values? The question is still begging for answers.