Ewa’s Thought in Words

Man’s nature

I used to think that man’s wants were insatiable until I realised it’s not his wants, it’s his nature.
He grapples with the sufferings of being human but most importantly of never getting satisfaction. . .

I used to think that ingratitude is a state of being ungrateful resulting from lack of appreciation, then I realised it’s largely man’s nature to be ungrateful because, he is highly insatiable. . .

I used to think suffering is a particular state of lack or disadvantage, then I realised it’s just a catalyst designed in every man’s DNA to propel him towards good or evil. . .

I used to think that man is averagely selfish, then I realised an average man is selfishness personified. ..
Gradually, man’s nature has modified from sheer dissatisfaction to greed.
He spurns every law that challenges his unquenchable desires and sinks with his helpless nature of unending wants…

The more he plunges, the more disgruntled he gets..
Man strives daily, his goals and ambition to be at par with God.
He seeks to run things hoping to be satisfied in the process, but even that does not guarantee his satisfaction.
Because his nature is insatiable..

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