Ewa’s Thought in Words


The lines are divided between the North and the South, good and evil,
struggle and achievement, success and failure…
There is always a divide;
White and black, truth and lies, they never meet…
Though a grey area exists where both realities are in flurry.

Conflict is the result when lines of separate values cross..
Norms are flaunted,
Morals are broken,
Values are misplaced even disregarded…

Times are desperate..
Grace is missing.
Truth is gone from the sight of man.
Troubles everywhere in the divide..
Catch the time, grab your thoughts,
Stand your grounds..
Be sensible,
Do not let your sentiments becloud you..
For words spoken or actions taken cannot be reversed…

Amendments can occur but the details of fracture is always present..
For that which is broken can never feel the same again.

Stay true, stay sane and stay rational..
Be wise, choose wisely, for the effect of some choices remain for a life time.
Focus on good deeds for you can never go wrong with good…
The only wrong will be to ignore.

Be careful with the divide,
Though it’s a constant bridge we must cross as human beings…
Each time situations and matters of choosing arise..
The divide will always remain the line of difference. .

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