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Don’t bottle up . . .

Many people have died in silence ànd more are still dying from trying to hide their burdens… They tend to smile on the outside while they are practically torn on the inside. There is no doubt that every human person has a bit of pride which makes it difficult to easily open up their troubled minds whether to a friend or some random person.

There is nothing as consuming as a burden unshared. It takes away your substance, it drives you mad, drains you of every and any form of joy, destroys your hope and kills your confidence, and especially takes away your peace of mind. Incidentally, that’s where a lot of individuals are right now. They are in a place where they have nothing positive to say about life, a place where they keep wondering why they are even alive or why they should keep living.

Life is a tough school, where one only graduates when they die. Dealing with life issues has never and can never be easy, as long as issues are bound to arise from time to time. In fact, every single day breaks with its own perculiar issues. . . Sometimes, it lingers, other times, it’s something that can be handled at a go. Whichever one it is, do not take it to heart, just know that you are not alone.

Try to cultivate the habit of sharing your thoughts, your feelings, your fears, even your pains… Some of us think that sharing our burdens makes us weak people but i tell you, it makes you a much mentally stronger, happier and better person because you get to clean up by expunging the filth in your mind from time to time, and this actually aids us in staying mentally healthy and void of unnecessary stress that accompanies emotional garbage.

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Lately, the rate at which people snap at the slightest provocation or displeasure has become very disturbing. This is because they are literally tired of bottling up their burdens, such that they cannot even control their reactions any more. This is typically one of the classical effects of storing up hurts and displeasure for a long time.

We are in a world that is already difficult to live in due to the bad choices we have probably made in the past, and especially bad governance which has no doubt taken its toll on everyone except those who are friends and faimly of those in the corridors of power. It therefore means that there is a level of stress already prevailing in the land, which is seriously messing up people’s minds, causing rage and controlling many people’s actions. . . Can you now imagine what this already messed up situation can do to someone who is struggling with so much on their minds? Do you possibly think keeping mute is the ideal thing to do?

Human relations and peaceful coexistence is becoming strained everyday as our mental and emotional dispositions these days keep affecting our interactions with others. Most outbursts and intolerances displayed by some individuals towards others is a signal of mental distress which evidently sparks off transfer of aggression. This undoubtably is what eventually happens. When you bottle up issues for too long, they metamorphose into poisonous unhealthy thoughts which may likely grow into depression, which may also become highly suicidal in some cases.

Given the chance therefore, let’s try to unburden our thoughts often, by taking out time to talk deeply to a friend or a loved one or someone we think we can trust, whether a priest, a pastor or a counsellor… Someone who can shed light and give us a guide to dealing with those weighty issues we have probably been carrying about all the time. That way, we breathe easy and function better in our interactions and relationships with others.

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