Ewa’s Thought in Words


The human being is the most complex and complicated creation of God. He is volatile in nature because of his thoughts and emotions which most times control his actions. He responds to different kinds of emotional stimuli, and mostly acts before thinking. The desire to control is predominant in him. His quest for power is unquenchable, neither is it satiable. His craving to be like God is his madness. He seeks knowledge from everywhere hoping to find answers to his unending queries.

The human being is the most beautiful creation of God. By nature, he is fashioned to be compassionate, kind, merciful, loving, forgiving, wise, intelligent and above all humble just like his maker. But the gift of free will has made him otherwise. He is prideful, arrogant, competitive, obsessive and oppressive in most cases. . . We see this everyday with our leaders, as it is written: the true nature of a man is tested in the face of power and money.

It is difficult for most human persons to stay unintoxicated by fortune or success be it aquired or accorded. It will shock you to know how drastic and excessive their behaviour and attitude changes. At this point, most persons begin to see themselves as superhumans or even demi gods; the controllers of the universe. To them, everyone and everything must work for them whether what they seek is right or wrong. Keeping their former friends and loved ones becomes impossible as they automatically acquire new ones like clothes to fit their new feat and statuses.

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The human being is the most intelligent of God’s creation. His inventions are targeted at finding fulfillment and satisfaction but his motives are often selfish and most times lead to self-idolatory . The desire to see others beneath them becomes their obsession. As a result, they end up either in self destruct or in being harmful to others.

The human being is the most priced of God creations. He catches God’s attention so much that he seems forget he is only human. His activities are prideful, his hunger for power even more alarming. He does not hesitate to sacrifice his fellow humans in their multitudes if that’s what it will take to become the most powerful being who constantly desires to be feared like God.

The human being is very sacrilegious. He professes one thing and does another. For this singular act, he has destroyed lives way more than anyone can ever imagine. He allows his Ideologies to drive his rage. Blindly, he takes lives and justifies his actions with unprofitable reasoning. His understanding is most times beclouded by his assumptions. Else how do you explain the continous destruction of churches, mosques . . Killings and abduction of holy men and women who have refused to denouce their faith for one intangible reason or another?

The human being is so competitive. He squares up on others’ achievements as though it’s a competition to be awarded. This most times is responsible for his insatiability because he fails to understand that life truly isn’t a competition after all.

READ  Ewa's Thought in Words