3 Reasons love fades away in a relationship

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It’s baffling how love sometimes works, a couple could be mad over each other but as time goes, the love becomes lukewarm and eventually fades away. Love dies due to a number of reasons and they include the following:

1. Absence of trust

For love to work out between two people, there is need for trust. Lack of trust will definitely drain all the love that a couple had there before. In that matter, love dies in many relationships, because of the lack of trust.

2. Presence of fear

When a woman get a man in her life, there is this notion where they fear what will happen to them if things don’t work out. The fear is what makes love die in most relationships. However, one should not allow fear drive them. One should always be ready to enjoy life and love in a relationship.

3. Lack of solid foundation

The foundation of where you build your love matters a lot. If one’s love wasn’t build on a solid foundation, there is a high chance of it not sustaining it for long.


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