Nollywood Actor Saidi Balogun Defends Celebrities’ Rights Amidst Backlash

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By   Milcah   Tanimu

Nollywood actor Saidi Balogun has spoken out in defense of celebrities, asserting that they deserve the same rights to protect their mental well-being as everyone else. His comments come in the wake of the controversy surrounding actress Toyin Abraham, who has faced significant backlash online.

On July 10, 2024, Balogun took to Instagram to address the hypocrisy he sees in the public’s treatment of celebrities. He emphasized that while people are free to express their opinions, celebrities should also have the freedom to take necessary actions to safeguard their mental health.

“You use police to arrest your neighbours for the most minor reasons; e reach celebrity turn, you say it’s bullying. Stop the emotional blackmail. Celebrities are humans, just like you. You are free to say what you like, right? Let celebrities be free to take whatever actions they want to protect their mental space. Freedom should not be selective. God bless,” Balogun wrote.

His post comes in response to the recent allegations against Toyin Abraham. Reports on social media claimed that Abraham orchestrated the arrest of a social media user who defamed her. However, Abraham clarified that she only petitioned the police and did not have anyone arrested.

“I’ve had it up to here because you people cursed my child, but I did not arrest anybody’s mother. I simply wrote a petition, and they said I should go to the cybercrime department, which I did, and I wrote a petition there. The only reason I didn’t put Anthony was because he didn’t defame me; he only insulted me and I insulted him too. The truth would come out soon,” Abraham explained.

During an Instagram livestream, Abraham expressed her frustration with the relentless public scrutiny and bullying she has endured.

“I came online on social media to beg everybody to leave me the hell alone. As I am, I want to die. I am ready to die, but before I die, a lot of you bullies will die with me. You bullies have pushed me to the wall and I have gone insane. Now I want to die; I wish to die; I did not commit any crimes.”

Balogun’s remarks highlight the ongoing debate about the treatment of celebrities and the impact of public opinion on their mental health. His call for equal treatment underscores the importance of recognizing the humanity of public figures.


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