Ewa’s Thoughts in Words

The Gift of Chance…

Untainted by the ungodly seeds of bitterness. 

The endless chains of bondage still remain unbroken …

Manipulations a successful tool of mental slavery as courage always gives way to fear and the Power of resilience becomes a tale untold.

The constant battle to strive in the path of right..

The light bearers are few to remember 

Enchanting voices of the echoes from the past.

Unguarded strings of growling noises untended.

Freedom a constant grail far from reach.

There is a limitation called fear…

It is a silent devourer of brilliant dreams 

It sends visioners to oblivion and blinds the eyes to the evolving trend of bondage, prevailing within our minds and world..

Come let’s reason together. . .

There is always a way even in the middle of no where.

The struggle for liberation has remained a fight for even the unborn..

Whispers of truth trailing the narrative of what went down so long ago.

Today, we have  a privilege to chance . . To chant a new song for the generations to come

Let’s make a choice, the one that will last in favour of our heritage and what we believe 

To tell the world that we are no longer bounded by fear so deep and wild.

Respond now to the gift of chance…

Offered in hope for the redemption of all, for the way of peace is most times not achieved by peace

Together we can cast away this gloom

For the battle we’re into is so undeclared and conventional ways will surely not be our win.