Who we are


Daybreak is a Nigerian newspaper and digital news platform. We report the news as it breaks.

The Nigerian news media has become majorly a maze of misinformation where fake news and hate speech thrive, the online media is a clutter that needs a lot of dexterity to navigate. Daybreak is designed to be that compass that help readers to navigate to the truth. We are dedicated to bringing our readers verified information that is truthful, useful and entertaining.

We have assembled a strong editorial team that continually work to give truthful, fair and balanced information. Content selection and preferences are continuously updated and reviewed to meet readers’ informational need using top notch digital technology.

Our mission
To report the news as it breaks

Who we are

A Nigeria based news media organisation, with a strong online presence and a simultaneously print edition, that is available across the nation.

We are unique content creators

We are committed to the creation of unique contents for our readers that is impactful and enrich their lives and democratic experience

Core values

Our commitment is to our readers by providing contents that meets their needs.

We are committed to giving coverage to the most trending topics that are significant to our audience

We are committed to truthfulness and double checking all our facts, we are committed to fairness and balance in all our reports

We are committed to adopting the best of digital technology to giving our readers the best experience on our site and print edition.

We are here

We are available on multiple platforms for the convenience of our readers




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