Mtn Nigeria to Build Africa’s Largest Tier-4 Data Centre

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By  milcah   tanimu

The chief technical officer of mtn nigeria, mohammed rufai, announced that the company is constructing a 1,500-rack tier 4 data centre to enhance nigeria’s digital infrastructure. Speaking to the media over the weekend, rufai highlighted that the facility would be africa’s largest data centre, addressing the increasing data demands and digital needs of businesses and consumers nationwide.

This development is the latest in a series of data centre projects in nigeria as tech companies strive to bridge the digital infrastructure gap. Earlier in march, airtel africa broke ground for its nxtra data centre project in lagos.


Rufai explained that mtn, the largest telecom operator in nigeria, recognized the critical need for expanded data processing capabilities due to significant growth in data usage and the emergence of new services. “We see a high demand in the market, with data usage growing significantly. To cater to this demand and prepare for future growth, we are expanding and modernizing our data centre capacity now. This is to ensure we are ready for expansion at the right time,” he stated.

The new data centre will support mtn’s infrastructure and serve as a vital resource for businesses across nigeria. “Businesses that require data centre capacity can now forgo maintaining their server rooms. Our facility will provide the space and services needed, enabling companies to digitalize their operations and improve efficiency,” rufai noted.

The data centre will also enhance the delivery of content from major tech companies like meta and google, bringing content closer to nigerian users and improving access speeds. This local hosting of content will significantly boost user experience and network efficiency.


Highlighting the economic benefits of the project, rufai described it as both a technological investment and a catalyst for economic growth. “By providing scalable and adaptable infrastructure, it will enable businesses, particularly msmes, to leverage cloud services and other digital solutions. This, in turn, will drive innovation, efficiency, and competitiveness across various sectors of the economy,” he said.

Rufai emphasized mtn’s readiness to partner with startups and msmes, offering numerous opportunities for collaboration, particularly in cloud services.

Aligning with mtn’s ambition 2025 strategy, the data centre demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (esg) goals. Rufai added that the facility would eventually utilize efficient cooling systems and a combination of traditional energy sources, gas, and renewable energy, significantly reducing its carbon footprint.


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