Young Woman Abandons Newborn in Pit Toilet in Anambra

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By Daniel Edu

A 20-year-old woman identified as Nwaedoka Chidimma, hailing from the Izzi community in Ebonyi State, allegedly discarded her newborn baby in a pit toilet in Otuocha community, Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State. The incident occurred while she was working on a farming job in the area.

Reportedly taking place on a Sunday, the baby’s cries were only heard from the pit toilet on the following Tuesday, prompting residents to take immediate action and rescue the infant.

According to an eyewitness named Esther, who is a farmer, Chidimma had secured a farm job in the community while she was pregnant. Esther offered her residence for Chidimma to stay in for a few days. While on the farm, Chidimma experienced unusual behavior and discomfort due to stomach upset. She visited the pit toilet and later emerged from it with signs of bleeding. Assuming a stillbirth, Esther invited a nurse to examine her.

Esther shared, “Chidimma is my friend; she begged me to stay at my place for a few days because of a farming job she got. She was working on the farm when she suddenly started acting funny after she complained of stomach upset and went to the pit toilet to ease herself.”

“After spending time in the toilet, she came out with drops of blood. I thought she had a still birth and I quickly invited a nurse who after examining her, disclosed that the baby was gone.”

As the cries of a baby were heard on Tuesday, residents used a ladder to reach the pit and rescue the newborn. They then informed security agencies and the Ministry of Women and Social Welfare.

In response to the incident, Ify Obinabo, the Commissioner for Women and Social Welfare, took swift action by having the newborn transported to Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Teaching Hospital in Amaku Awka for treatment. Chidimma, the mother, was subsequently apprehended.

Obinabo expressed concern about the escalating involvement of young girls in criminal activities. She assured that Chidimma will face appropriate consequences for her actions, emphasizing that the state governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has a zero-tolerance stance against such behavior.

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