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10 Crucial Things You Must Identify On How To Create A Successful Blog

As a blogger there’s some steps you must followed to make you start a successful blog and some don’t even earn from there blog and some quit blogging because when they got GOOGLE ADSENSE in there blog, Google is going to banned your adsense, I can’t deceive you such a things must happen because on the your GOOGLE ADSENSE because you still have some procedures to follow when you got GOOGLE ADSENSE but I’m not going to that today and lastly you have to have this in your mind that before you make in life you have to face some challenges and no matter how small or big the challenges is it, Never quit all what you have in mind and try to dream higher.


First thing you have to have in your mind before you start a blog must be aim and objective of the blog, that what did you have for your blog. Aim and objective is very important because it will be given you motivation whenever you have bad thing in mind on your blog such as quiting of blog once hih have very good aim and objectives, believe me you are not going to face any problem on HOW TO START A SUCCESSFUL BLOG. As for me my aim and objectives I have for my 9jatechtips.com is too make grow and give out free tutorial to my fellow visitors/users/subscribers. JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD AIMS AND OBJECTIVES.

The second thing you must know before you start a blog is to choose a Nice NICHE you can blog on, let me just call NICHE is just categories of blog because in blogging aspect there’s lot of NICHE you can blog on, let me list some of the NICHE for you below.
> Technology
> Entertainment
> Sports
> News
> General
> Fashion
> Health
> Insurance
> Education
> Music and Video
> Etc
That’s the little out of the Niche I can listed for you,l. For you to choose any Niche you want to blog on, you must have to know more about the Niche very well at least you have to have 99% knowledge on the Niche and you must be able to write on it, if you are given any topics to write on it, because it very good to know what you are doing and how to write on the niche you are into, let me give you little example base on my own challenges I face when I started blogging, I just want to Blogger.com and open a blog and I started posting a lot of thing on it such as music, news, technology, entertainment, and even video but one thing I discovered was that I have almost 150 post on that blog but I can’t even said I’m the one that write this content by myself which is very bad, for me to be calling myself blogger without writing an content by myself, that’s why I decided to open another new blog and I choose a good Niche I know more about it and I can even write up to 1000 words on it. If you check the Niche of this blog you will see that’s base on Technology Niche because I’m very good in technology aspect and I can write anything on Technology. Aldo you can choose more than one Niche on a blog but just make sure you know more about what you are doing and some blogs even base on General Niches which mean they can publish any Niche on there blog but you have to catagorise it to make your blog look nice and well arranged. So you have to choose the Niche you can write on it by your self without doing copy and paste.

The third steps you must follow to START SUCCESSFUL BLOG is the name of the blog you want to create, once you have already chosen your blog Niche the next step is to find a good name for your blog and you can’t just choose any name for your blog because your blog name must similar to your blog Niche let use this as example you choose Technology as your Niche and you now using (MUSICBAZE) as your blog name which suppose not to be like that and if you are publishing a Technology on that MUSICBAZE and visitors see that your blog name base on Entertainment Niche they may not want to visit your blog again, let me use my self as an example again I create my first blog at 2015 and I use READONERIDEX as my blog name but I later discovered that using my own name for blogging is not good and have already make all the corrections in another blog I created and if you want to include your name on your blog you can create a personal page on your blog for yourself and do whatever you want to do on it and you can add your details to your contact page on your blog. This blog is base on Technology Niche and that’s why I used 9jaTechTips.com as my blog name, you will see that I indicated Tech on my blog name so that my visitors will know that I’m base on Technology, SO BLOG NAME IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN YOUR BLOG.

Platform is very important too in blogging, once you have know your NICHE AND BLOG NAME, the next step to follow is to find a good platform you can blog on it, there is lot of platform you can blog on such as BLOGGER and WORDPRESS that’s the two common platform you can host your blog on it. Blogger platform is very simple to start blog on it and it also free hosting while WordPress is also simple and is free and paid hosting which mean you have to buy hosting when you are about to start blogging on WordPress. But I will advise you that between the two platforms you should choose anyone you like and the one you can design on it. Also I’m still going to publish a post on how to create a blog on blogger and WordPress platform but for any assistance for now you can contact me by CLICKING HERE

Once you have know the platform you are good on it and you can design it just move on it and create the blog with the name you wanted to used. If you choose BLOGGER as your PLATFORM CLICK HERE and I’d you choose WORDPRESS as your platform CLICK HERE . Once you have created your blog the next thing is the blog design, blog design will make your blog looks beautiful and well arranged. If you are using blogger platform you just have to download Themes/Templates online and upload it your Dashboard and same thing applicable to WordPress too but Blogger Themes and WordPress Themes has free themes and Premium Themes. But you can get free themes from Google. I’m going to publish post on this platform but you can hire me base in the blog design by contacting meHERE

After you have created your blog and you have designed it, the next step is to get domain for your blog name. Domain is very important because it will make your blog friendly and it will make you more visitors, let me use my first blog as example again, when I create it I’m using free domain (Readoneridex.blogspot.com) the free domain is powered by Blogger but u notice that some people will told me that my domain name is long and by then I’m loosing some visitors then, what I’m trying to say was that if you are using free domain the other bloggers just be looking at you as if you are not serious about what you are doing. Try and buy domain online once you have design your blog. There’s lot of Domains such as
> .com
> .com.ng
> .net
> .info
> .edu
> .edu.ng
> .org
> Etc
And one thing about domain was that aldos domain get it own function because .edu domain is used for education websites and org domain is used for Organizations website but I will advise you to apply for .com domain because is the common domain. And domain is hosted buy some company online, I will list some company you can buy domain
> Godaddy
> Namecheape
> Domainking
And you can Google search to know about it.

The most important things to do it to be creating good and quality content and doing good findings before you write on any topics and make sure that your blog content is above 700-1000 words, and try to post what will actract your visitors that will make them visiting your blog daily and every time to time. And don’t base on copy and paste content because it wont make your blog improve and it rank you on Google search and there’s lots of things you can write on if you have time to do findings. That’s the reason I said earlier that you should choose the niche you can write on if and you know more about it. Believe me if you follow all the steps you won’t have any problems and you are going to SUCCESSFUL ON YOUR BLOG

Once you have been publishing a lot post on your blog just open social media platforms for your blog such as
> Facebook Page
> Facebook group
> Twitter
> Instagram
> LinkedIn
> Pinsterst
By doing it will be make your blog improve and I will make you get more traffic just be sharing all your post your have published on the social media you have. And join lot of groups on Facebook too.

What I mean by spying on other blogs is by checking there blog and see what’s trending on it and don’t just spy on any blog but spy on the blog that you are blogging on the same niche and second thing you must do it by making friends with the professional bloggers so that if you are facing any problems on your blog they can help you out on it

For me to be saying that you have to make your blog as your husband or wife will be funny to you but not funny to me because I believe that you always have enough time for your husband or wife and you must be thinking about your blog whenever you are sleeping and when eating and even if you are in the examination hall. You have to have enough time, just make sure that your blog is always on your mind evertime and always spent up to 10-14 hours on your blog

If you follow all the 10 steps above I’m very sure that it will make you successful in your blog. And make sure you always check your blog every day and make sure that you always post at least twice in a week so that you won’t lose your traffic. I need to rest my pen now because I need to get another nice article for you

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