6 Signs your boyfriend thinks you are ugly -Take note of No. 2

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They say there are three kinds of people; the beautiful ones, plain-looking ones and the ugly ones. However, judging people based on looks is a matter of perspective as a person who happens to be pretty to you may not be all that pretty to another. Remember, they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

There are certain people in our lives whose judgement of our looks matters and am talking about our lovers. Imagine how delightful it can be if your boyfriend tells you that you are the prettiest girl in his world—It will definitely make you feel good about yourself. Now, what if he says otherwise?

Well, let us look at signs that mean your boyfriend thinks you are ugly:

1. He doesn’t share your picture or pictures of the two of you together

He is a regular on social media and shares pictures of himself yet he has never shared your picture or pictures of the two of you together on his social media handles. There could be a number of reasons why he does that but one of the reasons could be because he thinks you aren’t pretty and he is not proud of you.

2. He is reluctant to be seen with you in public

A boyfriend who thinks his girlfriend is pretty and is proud of her will spare no second in showing her off. He will take every opportunity to be seen with her publicly. He will take her to outings, parties, strolls and so on. But when it seems he shies away from going out with you to events, it could possibly mean he doesn’t want to be seen with you because he isn’t proud of your looks. If your boyfriend behaves in this manner, it probably means he thinks you are ugly.

3. He tries to tell you how to dress and groom yourself


He always tells you what to wear, the hairstyle to do and how much makeup to wear. And if you refuse, he insists and gets angry. All of these is an attempt to make you look in a way he thinks conceals his perceived ugliness of you. For example, he insists you put on makeup if you guys have to go out together or meet with friends and he seems uncomfortable around friends if you aren’t looking the way he wants you to look.

4. He says nothing or laughs when you are being teased

Whenever his friend or friends tease you saying you are ugly, he doesn’t come to your defence and joins them to tease you or laugh at you. Well, that could be because he thinks you are ugly too. For example, he laughs or teases you along with his friends that your mouth is long.

5. He has no interest in taking pictures with you

He likes taking pictures yet he shows no interest in taking pictures with you. He only takes pictures with you when you ask and he gives excuses on why the picture should be deleted or not shared. This may be because he thinks you aren’t cute and he isn’t proud to be seen with you, as a couple, in a picture.

6. He teases you on your looks more than he compliments you

Normally, couples tease each other or poke fun at each other. However, when it seems your boyfriend teases you more than he compliments you then it could mean he finds something wrong with you. For example, he specifically calls you flat nose or big mouth all the time. It could mean he has that image of you ingrained his mind and he thinks it makes you less attractive or makes you look ugly.

So, if the points mentioned above are closely familiar to you, it could mean your boyfriend doesn’t find you beautiful or thinks you are ugly. Drop your comment on the section box and tell us what you think…

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