10 things you shouldn’t do as an ulcer patient

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Stomach Ulcer can be very painful and discomforting, a lot of people suffer from it.

I’ve seen someone who fainted due to Ulcer. It is better to avoid Ulcer entirely than try to treat it.

It is difficult to cure completely.

Even though lack of food is not primarily the major cause of stomach Ulcer, there is actually some food you eat that intensify ulcer pains and also affect the healing process of an ulcer patient.

However, It is best you know the right food to eat as an ulcer patient and come to terms with the fact that not everything is good for your consumption.

There are certain foods you may eat that will worsen your situation.

Below are some of the things and foods you should avoid as an ulcer patient;

1. Avoid spicy foods I.e, lots of pepper. These include; pepper soup, indomie, suya.ulcer patient
If you must eat these, you should cook them yourself and put just a little quantity of pepper.

2. Avoid consuming too much Milk. Milk is bad for ulcers patients. It digestion requires your stomach to secret acids that would make ulcer pains excruciating.

3. Avoid Soft drinks and soda (Minerals).

4. Avoid oily and fatty foods. Viz. junk foods. It creates bloating and worsen your pains.

5. Minimize using processed tomatoes i.e, preserved ones like sachet and tin tomatoes. They also contain some acids that can worsen the pain.

6. Instead of eating Roasted corn, cook it instead.
Roasted corn is hard to digest and it could injure the ulcer lining.

7. Avoid salty food.

8. Do not take coffee, it makes the ulcer pain worse.

9. Avoid Citrus fruits and their juice. They include; lemon, lime, oranges, grapes, and even tangerine.

10. Avoid drinking Alcohol and Smoking cigarette.

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