Traits women find attractive in men

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Every woman has her own idea of what she calls a perfect man.

Nevertheless, some particular features of men seem very attractive and charming towards women. With personality aside, these features make men more pleasing to women.

Check out some of the most attractive features in men below;

A cute smile
Men with a cute and bright white smile are irresistible. A sincere smile and laughing eyes can become a powerful weapon to command attention.

A lady once said she had met a man who has everything she ever wanted, but when she saw his smile, she became heartbroken.

Thick eyebrows
Thick natural eyebrows, if they are neat and did not join above the nose, can add some level of handsomeness to a man’s look. Thick eyebrows make a man look roughly sexy.

Never underestimate how smelling nice can make you desirable and pleasing to the opposite sex. Perfumes and deodorants are a man’s essentials cosmetic.

Cooking skills
Though, a lot might argue that cooking is not for men. But, cooking says “I’m a complete man” for being able to cook up something for my woman, even if it’s only on special occasions.

Facial hair
A well-kept and nurtured beard is nothing less than attractive. A man’s attractiveness is heightened by rocking neat facial hair.attractive

Build muscle (Not excess)
Apart from a man’s facial appearance, his chest and upper body are the next thing women usually look at.

Building muscle should be done cautiously, just enough to show that you care about your body and general wellbeing. Some women aren’t even necessarily looking for bulging biceps and six-pack.

So, be careful not to go overboard building unnecessary muscle.

Some men might be embarrassed to put on nice pairs of glasses. Yet, many girls would admit that it’s charming.

Maybe it’s so because they are associated with intelligence.

A hair trial on stomach
Some people believe that women don’t really like men with hairy bodies. But, many stereotypes are not true. A hair trail that goes up to the belly button is just too sexy.

Love for animals
Owning a pet of any kind goes a long way to show how caring and loving a man can be.

Height matters
On average, men are taller and broader compared to women. Therefore, taller men are preferred mostly by women. The stereotype of Tall, dark, and handsome did not just originate out of nowhere.

Women are geared towards tall men, as it is an embodiment of all that’s masculine. It does not matter if you’re short too, it is just people’s preference.

Veins on arms become visible after hard physical work. That is why it is associated with strength and stamina.

Thick palms are charming also because they show masculinity and add texture to a male’s body.

Which trait do you find most attractive? let us know below by commenting.

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