10 Nigerian Startups Making Waves

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Nigeria, boasting one of Africa’s largest economies, primarily fueled by its significant petroleum exports, is witnessing a burgeoning startup ecosystem beyond its oil industry. Recently, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) revealed that 12,948 Nigerian startups have registered via the new startup portal, a move aligned with the Nigeria Startup Act of October 2022. This legislation marks a pivotal stride towards fostering an entrepreneurial-friendly economy.

With Nigeria’s startup landscape flourishing, here are ten startups from the country worth keeping an eye on:

1. GoNana – Empowering Local Farmers

GoNana serves as a trading platform empowering local farmers to enhance their income by facilitating direct trading, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure fair value for their produce. By eliminating intermediaries, GoNana connects farmers with investment opportunities, thereby contributing to their financial growth.

2. Talowork – Streamlined Business Management

Talowork offers a comprehensive business management system, integrating HR, CRM, ERP, and project management functionalities into a unified platform. By enabling businesses to consolidate their operations, Talowork facilitates efficiency and profitability.

3. Nomba – Streamlined Payment Solutions

Nomba specializes in payment solutions, aiding businesses in managing financial transactions through their POS systems. With a focus on security and tailored technology, Nomba facilitates seamless payment processing, supporting businesses in scaling up securely.

4. AlosFarm – Agricultural Innovation

AlosFarm assists farmers in planning and managing their farming activities from seed to table. By providing support throughout the agricultural cycle, AlosFarm optimizes yield and enhances post-harvest management, thereby bolstering the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

5. Vendease – Effortless Food Procurement

Vendease acts as a bridge between hospitality businesses and food suppliers, simplifying food procurement processes. By offering a user-friendly platform for tracking, ordering, and receiving fresh supplies, Vendease contributes to reduced waste and increased profitability in the food industry.

6. InvestBamboo – Democratizing Investment Opportunities

InvestBamboo offers a user-friendly platform for Nigerians to invest in US and African stocks, democratizing investment opportunities. By simplifying the investment process, InvestBamboo aims to make investing accessible to both novices and seasoned investors alike.

7. Moove – Facilitating Vehicle Financing

Moove provides vehicle financing solutions aimed at empowering mobility businesses across Africa. Through its tech-driven platform, Moove facilitates access to vehicle financing, thereby supporting entrepreneurship and economic growth.

8. Remedial Health – Enhancing Pharmaceutical Accessibility

Remedial Health addresses the issue of counterfeit drugs by improving access to legitimate pharmaceuticals. Through its innovative approach, Remedial Health ensures timely and affordable delivery of medicines to pharmacies and medical centers, enhancing healthcare accessibility.

9. LemFi – Global Payment Solutions

LemFi aims to bridge the financial inclusion gap by facilitating global money transfers for Nigerians. With its swift transfers and transparent fee structure, LemFi empowers individuals to manage their finances effectively on a global scale.

10. Kwaba – Simplified Rent Payment Management

Kwaba offers a solution for timely rent payments, helping individuals across Africa avoid eviction. By providing savings notifications, promoting accountability, and offering instant loans if needed, Kwaba facilitates seamless rental payment management.

These ten startups exemplify the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit driving Nigeria’s startup ecosystem forward, poised to make significant contributions to the country’s economic landscape.

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