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By Peter N. Peters

Dear Worthy Citizens of Nigeria

As we bemoan the daylight robbery by ‘owners of Nigeria’ of the verdict that majority of us, well-meaning citizens of Nigeria, freely handed to Mr. Peter Obi to be our President for the next four years, let us be mindful of these 10 notable gains that ensued from that historic exercise and cheer up, knowing that all hopes are not lost.

  1. The UNITY in our resolve to BIRTH a NEW NIGERIA : For the first time in a long while, well meaning citizens of Nigeria, cutting across tribe, religion, denominations, doctrines, etc., came out en-masse determined to use our votes to birth a New Nigeria of our dream. It speaks of our genuine wish and desire to live in peace and unity as one country where no one is oppressed.
  2. The VOICE of men is the VOICE OF GOD : Having spoken with one voice with our PVCs and freely made our choice of who we want to lead us, that is the VOICE OF GOD. It therefore smacks of daring God for anyone to attempt to shut up that voice. It’s therefore God’s battle now. Let’s do what is legally permissible for us to do and live the rest on the judgement table of God. He is God of Justice. He will certainly do the needful.
  3. Returning POWER back to the PEOPLE : Results of the election may have been tampered with, yet through our PVCs we still were able to prove that the real power rests with the people. Some notable ‘principalities’ in Nigeria, were shown the exit door. That serves as a significant warning to those who managed to escape our verdict that their days of usurping the people’s power are numbered.
  4. Winning elections with ‘STRUCTURELESSparty : One of the Presidential Candidates in a BBC interview ridiculed the Labor Party with these words: “ Where is the structure? Where is Labor? You can’t just come from nowhere, and you just get to the top. No single member of the Local Government, no member of the state house of assembly, no governor, no house of representative member, no senator, and you want to win election to be President? No!” You can then imagine their shock that this ‘structureless’ party came ‘from nowhere’ and won the elections landslide. The reason they conspired and snatched the victory from us. They are the ‘owners of Nigeria.’ But I’ll tell them that it’s not yet over. It’s too early to dance the dance of ‘victory’ because they have not heard the verdict of God. Let’s wait patiently for it.
  5. DEMYSTIFYING politics: Our Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi and his running mate, Yusuf Datti-Ahmed came into the race with an air of simplicity, openness, frankness, and friendship. You could easily relate with them. In many places where Peter Obi went on campaign tours he stopped and spoke with the common people and even took selfies with them. He says they are his employers. They are the ones contesting through him. There is simply nothing mysterious about political contest. You are the servant of the people and not their lord and master. That’s the fresh new air he has successfully injected into politics and politicking in Nigeria.
  6. DEMONETIZING’ politics and politicking: With our famous slogan ‘ we no de give ‘shishi,’’ we ran a successful campaigns across the length and breadth of Nigeria beyond the imagination of our detractors. And we saw genuine organic crowd of supporters sponsoring themselves to the venues of the rallies. We successfully put it on record that political campaigns must not necessarily be as humongously expensive as ‘ owners of Nigeria ’ have made it to be, warranting them to steal and starch away monies belonging to the state for politics.
  7. *A ‘COMMONER’ can contest and win elections in Nigeria : We read about an ‘okada’ rider in Niger State, who was elected to the House of Representatives. He sure did not have a deep pocket. He may also not have had any ‘godfather’ anywhere, but he still won the election. A lesson is served here that with good education and a heart of service, you can receive the mandate of the people to represent them at any level in a free and fair contest. 8. Injecting DECENCY, MORALITY, and ETHICAL VALUES into the political processes: Our Principals, Obi-Datti ran decent campaigns dealing only on issues and devoid of ethnicity, religious bigotry, bitterness, and mudslinging. Our Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi would always say, ‘don’t vote for me because I’m Igbo or I’m a Christian, but vote for me because I have capacity, character and competence.’ Henceforth, those who would come into politics, will ensure they have track record of achievements, and would be coming with the mindset of service, and not to be served.
  8. DISMANTLING crooked political structures: There shall no longer be strong emphasis on ‘political structures’ meant to serve as special purpose vehicles (SPV) of corruption. Obi-Datti Movement has proven beyond all shades of doubt that political structure is the people who are willing to make necessary sacrifices for the common good, and not political hawks always hovering around in search of ‘national cake’ to share.
  9. RIDDING the political space of ‘principalities ’: You can’t imagine some persons (principalities, that is) were forcefully retired in the last election. Especially in the South Eastern part of Nigeria and some parts of the Middle Belt, it looked almost like a clean sweep of these men and women who have become thin gods. A beg chop knuckle ! We have done brilliantly well. The political map, structure, chemistry, biology, history and geography have been radically altered, and politics in Nigeria can never be the same. I say again, CHOP KNUCKLE! Well done, Obidients! We have proven that we are the real owners of Nigeria and not these usurpers who are forcefully claiming what does not belong to them.

  1. Peters is FCT based media practitioner, Executive Secretary, Concern for Ethics & Values in Nigeria (CoEViN) and Coordinator of Obi-Datti Movement, Bwari-FCT Chapter.

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