Best Jobs for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Hey astrology is saying there are cut out career path that fits the zodiac sign you belong to. This means you will make greater achievements if you chose a career that agrees with the zodiac sign under which you were born.

Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn possess a natural knack for money making, while fiery Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius get ahead based on their unending energy, enthusiasm and sheer force of personality. Shy and sensitive Water signs, including Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, thrive in environments offering depth, spirituality and nurturing, whereas extroverted chatty Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the universe’s communicative, cutting-edge visionaries.

Here are best careers for you according to your zodiac sign:

1. Aries: Kickass Diva
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making it astrology’s eternal child, filled with a boundless, infectious energy and a healthy dose of rambunctious sass. Back in the day, they used to do annual Diva concerts, and the majority of the headliners were those powerhouses that really only needed one name: Mariah, Aretha, Celine, Diana. You are best in a career that puts you in the spotlight, getting everyone uplifted and on their feet. Whether in the performing arts, athletics, or in a leadership role, your have an uncanny ability to motivate people into moving mountains. Your independent streak and can-do attitude make you especially suited to a start-up setting. You would also be a natural in retail, sales or public speaking due to your charm and overall ability to make others feel awesome.

2. Taurus: Master Craftsman
Your love of tradition and dedication to quality makes you the perfect candidate for time-honed artisanal work, such as in winemaking, couture fashion or the organic food sector. Carrying on historical methods of expert production will fill you with grounding and purpose, as you are not only making a top-end product, but also to leaving a lasting legacy to future generations. For the more creative Taurus, your work could have a timeless feel, where classic alternative worlds are crafted to the tiniest details, such as in the films of Wes Anderson. You thrive best in a secure, harmonious environment, where people work together as an unchanging team for a long period of time. The Bull’s love of routine makes them good candidates for admin work or in a highly structured corporate setting, although the best thing would be to be your own boss.

3. Gemini: Witty Wordsmith
Gemini’s lightening-quick mind and acerbic wit make you perfect for jobs in communication. Whether it is as a magazine editor who has to come up with an endless stream of always-interesting content, or a social media marketer creating a non-stop array of super-clicky content, the easily-bored Gemini always keeps things frothy and fascinating. Geminis have an extremely high BS detector and fight the power through their highly memorable, slightly cynical, and always cutting words, making them excellent essayists, journalists, comedians, and poets. The erudite, sardonic lyrics of Morrissey are classic Gemini. As you hate routine and feel stifled by the formal, faux pleasantness of corporate life, you are best off freelancing or in a job that with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility.

4. Cancer: Compassionate Nurturer
To be honest, probably your most suitable occupation in life would be that of stay-at-home parent. Your love of a family and compassionate nature would put your skills to their full use. That doesn’t mean you can’t change the world in your own way, just think of Princess Diana, one lone outsider who managed to single-handedly change the parenting approach of a 1,000 year-old monarchy. You could also mix raising a family with jobs that are easy to do from home, such as writing or graphic design, or you may give it a go as a mommy/daddy blogger. If you choose to have a profession, your need to help people would make you a perfect caregiving provider, teacher, doctor or social worker who deals with at-risk youth.

5. Leo: Iconic Influencer
You have a knack for being fabulous, Leo, and while that may, at first, seem like a relatively random skill to have, in today’s market there are many ways to monetize it. You have an innate sense of style that people love to copy. Pair that with your lack of inhibition and willingness to flaunt it, means you would make an excellent social media influencer. Leo glamour is always rooted in confidence, not superficial bling; one of Youtube’s most popular vloggers, down-to-earth David Dobrik is a perfect example of this. Your ability to project yourself and your emotions makes you a natural actor, while your infectious enthusiasm combined with an aura of earned respect means you would make a great leader in any field. Two of the most charismatic U.S. presidents, Clinton and Obama, are both Leos. You thrive in a decision-making capacity, and bristle when you have to follow the orders of others.

6. Virgo: Meticulous Maker
With your highly analytical mind and love of the fine print, you would be a natural, gifted attorney. Your eye for detail doesn’t mean you don’t have a creative streak, as some of the world’s greatest fashion designers are Virgos, including Tom Ford, Stella McCartney or the late Karl Lagerfeld. Your craving for perfection would have you planning your styles down to their smallest seams. Virgos love things that are down-to-earth, simple, ethical and natural, so becoming involved in sustainable or vegan fashion or industrial design would fuel your passions on many levels. Virgo rules digestion, and healthy eating is always on your mind, making you an excellent nutritionist or dietitian. The main thing to remember is that you crave routine and stability, and thrive best in a highly ordered, non-changing environment.

7. Libra: Beauty Icon
Yours is an extremely social sign that looooves to talk. Being so naturally witty and entertaining, you have everyone hanging on your every word. May as well put your gift for the gab to work by getting a job in PR or party planning. Libra is ruled by Venus, giving you a knack for harmony and beauty, making you perfect for work in the make-up industry, as well as an artist or designer. If there was ever a sign born to be famous simply by being fabulous, it is yours — Kim Kardashian is a Libra, after all. If you want to do something a bit more classic, look into being diplomat, museum curator or working in an auction house. You thrive in a glamourous, effervescent environments filled with fascinating people and change. Work of a routine nature will extinguish your inner fire.

8. Scorpio: Boundary Pusher
In everything you do, you keep it at 100. You’re a super-intense right-fighter who refuses to bend down and play nice by the rules of polite society. Your fixation on doing things your way without compromise makes you a boundary-pusher, who has the power to take all of society along for the ride. You also have the ability to never surrender and claw yourself to a comeback, much like Jeffree Star did when he transitioned from Myspace and music to YouTube and make-up. Your aura of intrigue, quest for the truth and ability to keep secrets would make you an excellent spy, investigative journalist, or private detective. Your compassionate nature and ability to fight for the little guy would also make you a natural social worker or activist politician. No matter what your job, however, you will bring your fair share of drama.

9. Sagittarius: Fun and Friendly
Your gung-ho attitude, super-active nature, and enthusiastic energy would make you the perfect candidate for work involving fitness or the great outdoors — from extreme sports organizer to camp counselor, your daring boldness will push everyone to try new things. Yours is a sign that finds it hard to sit still, so why not roam the world with a job in the travel industry. If you find planet Earth too boring, the nascent space exploration sector could allow you to courageously set off into the great unknown. Sagittarians are fun and friendly, which often masks their dark, edgy humor, making you a perfect comedian, who can cheekily cross lines without getting people too offended, much like Jon Stewart. You need a dynamic, fast-paced environment filled with ever-new challenges; you would wilt in a routine desk job. You could succeed for sure in the competitive world of sales.

10. Capricorn: Business Tycoon
If there is one thing that Capricorn’s excel at, it is making money. It almost doesn’t matter what you do to get it, the process of accumulating wealth is the end goal. Capricorn’s often flip careers, much as people flip houses, starting small and jumping to nicer and nicer properties. Fellow Capricorn Jeff Bezos started his career as a Silicon Valley computer programmer before switching to Wall Street. During a cross-country road trip, he decided to start an online bookstore, quit his job and open up shop in his garage. If you follow your instinct and go where the money is, you can spin almost anything into gold. Capricorns are a fairly conservative, staid sign who appreciate the finest things in life; anything too edgy or quirky will definitely not be in your in wheelhouse, especially as you age.

11. Aquarius: Change-Making Visionary
You’re quirky, a little bit out there and somewhat misunderstood — but don’t worry, the world will catch up to you in a century or two. Aquarius rules technology, making you perfect for the start-up world, where you can transform the future through cutting-edge tech. Sometimes, unfortunately, the limitations of the here-and-now can stand in your way of glory, like it did for Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. You are a quixotic dreamer who longs to make the world a better place, so get involved with philanthropic organizations, social-justice activism, or non-profits. Creatively, you are best reinterpreting the world through a lens of detachment, making you an expert photographer or documentary filmmaker. Conservative, traditional environments with a strict hierarchy stifle you and make you feel hemmed in. You thrive best in a democratic setting where everyone has an equal voice.

12. Pisces: Spiritual Guru
As the final sign of the zodiac, you are vibing out on a higher plane than the rest of us. You already have one foot in the next dimension, so it makes sense your head would be so high in the clouds. Your highly spiritual nature makes you a perfect yoga instructor, life coach, or motivational self-help guru, like fellow fishy Tony Robbins. Your desire to dig deep into the human psyche would also make you an excellent therapist. You live on a level of sheer feeling that other signs would find hard to understand, and you can easily transfer and communicate these sensations to the outside world via art, especially video installations or narrative filmmaking. On one hand, you love a warm, cozy environment where everyone is bonded, but on the other, the routine of normal, working life drags you down into a brutal reality. Try to find a compromise of the two.


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