“128-year Mummy ‘Stoneman Willie’ Finally Laid to Rest”

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By  Milcah Tanimu

After 128 years, the body of an individual known as “Stoneman Willie,” who had allegedly been involved in theft and died in prison, will finally receive a proper burial. The person’s true identity, which had remained a mystery for so long, will be engraved on their tombstone. This individual’s body, preserved through an experimental embalming technique, had been stored in a funeral home for over a century. For the funeral, Stoneman Willie’s remains will be dressed in a period-appropriate tuxedo and carried in a procession to the Forest Hills Memorial Park for their long-awaited burial. Despite the enigmatic circumstances surrounding their life and death, Stoneman Willie has become an enduring figure in the local community, and this burial marks the conclusion of their 128-year journey.

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