TIPS: How to Avoid Electrocution During the Rainy Season

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As the rainy season approaches, it’s crucial to take safety measures to avoid the increased risk of electrocution. The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has issued important guidelines to help customers stay safe during this period.

IBEDC’s Acting Managing Director, Francis Agoha, emphasized the need for heightened caution during the rainy season, which brings an elevated risk of electrical accidents. Here are their key safety tips:

1. Avoid Contact with Fallen Power Lines:
Heavy rains and storms can cause power lines to fall. Steer clear of any fallen lines and report them immediately to IBEDC or your electricity provider’s emergency services.

2. Stay Clear of Flooded Areas:
Flooded zones are particularly hazardous, especially if electrical equipment is involved. Avoid walking through flooded streets or touching electrical fixtures in these areas.

3. Inspect Your Surroundings:
Regularly check that the electrical connections in your home or business are secure and protected from water. Be vigilant for exposed wires or malfunctioning connections.

4. Use Protective Gear:
Wear rubber-soled shoes and avoid metal objects when outdoors during heavy rainfall to reduce the risk of electrical accidents.

5. Emergency Preparedness:
Keep the emergency contact numbers of IBEDC or your electricity provider readily available.

If you notice any electrical hazards or experience power disruptions, promptly contact IBEDC or your service provider to ensure quick and safe resolution.

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