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By Emmanuel Ibiok

The current siege on the State and Unwarranted harassment of key personalities in our Land is a threat to the serenity, peace and security of our dear State, Akwa Ibom. It is indeed an attack on our common patrimony, a direct affront on our collective sensibilities as a people, a test on our will and capacity to resist the merchants of violence which theses marauders represent. It is a shame that a major security agency in the country whose responsibility is to protect the citizenry is rather embarrassing joining forces with the opposition and other federal agencies to intimidate and molest the very citizens they are paid to protect.

This orchestrated plot by the power drunk, selfish, overzealous political bigots masquerading as humans is clandestinely designed to destabilize our state, inject palpable fear among the electorates with the intention to incapacitate us to a state of servitude submission. History has it that this has always being the antics of the leaders of this war saw gang. We all would recall the excruciating pains and agony we went through as a State during the reign of terror and God bless our souls, because we shall resist every attempt to return us to our days in “Egypt”. I stand to be proved otherwise!

Again, we recall with bleeding hearts how in years past, blood was spilled freely everywhere, just as sacred Altars of Worship were desecrated with violence attack day after day. Innocent citizens, elder statesmen and women where never spared. Fear was the order of the day, because no one knew who would be next.

Alas, today about two months to the general elections, Akwa Ibom is enjoying absolute peace and tranquility where party candidates and their political campaign teams crisscrossed the state at will without any harassment or molestation. This is possible because we have a God fearing and peace loving Governor who believes that politics should never be allowed to generate bad blood among brothers.

Perhaps, it is the fact that our Governor is enjoying popular support for ensuring we have peace in the land that has drawn the ire of precursors of violence in the mould of the APC. They are out to re-enact that era of terror in the state by mobilizing all forces at their disposal, including the security forces who are paid from our tax monies to cause havoc, mayhem and sacrilege in our Land. But I ask, shall we sit back in docility and watch our common enemy, including law enforcement agents who indiscriminately and unlawfully arrest and detain innocent political opponents return us to the dark years of old, those dreadful years of harassment, kidnappings, assassinations, heartless and countless murders?

I need to remind us, great patriots of this Land of Promise that this attack, this war is not targeted at Udom Emmanuel our Governor alone, but all of us, our forebears, men and women of Goodwill who believe in the common cause of this State, a cause that is above self, a cause that will shape and define our future existence as a State and people and generations unborn. I make bold to say this because it is overtly clear that the acclaimed leaders of this power drunk gang arrogate to themselves the position of tins gods, claiming to distribute power to whom they choose and withdraw same when they so desire, forgetting that POWER in its truest essence belongs to God and HE entrusts it with the man after HIS heart.

Therefore to all peace loving and patriotic Akwa Ibom people, I beseech us to arise in brotherhood, take our collective destiny in our hands and move against our common foe.

We may not have the security forces and their so-called Federal might, but we are endowed by our common will, a strong bond that will propel and embolden us to disentangle ourselves and our dear State from the clutches of these retrogressive agents and enemies of our dear Land.

It is time we let them know that enough is enough. It is time we tell them that we are not puppets to be manipulated at will. It is time to drum it into their ears that despite their antics, Akwa Ibom people are resolutely determined to stand by Governor Udom Emmanuel and return him to office come 2019 because with Udom, the future of our dear State, our children and generations yet unborn are assured. It is time we rise in unison; our fist clenched, our voices raised in solidarity and silence the horrendous sound of war creeping into our peaceful walls.

Finally, to our brothers in the other party, my advice is that they should not play god. They should desist from lies, personality insults and attacks, blackmail, propaganda, campaign of calumny but rather raise issues, articulate policies and programmes that will address the needs and aspirations of Akwa Ibom people.

They should understand that ‘he who seeks equity must do equity’.


Otuekong Emmanuel Ibiok is the Chairman Public Communications Directorate, Divine Mandate Campaign Organization; Founding member/State officer of the PDP

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