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2019: COCIN appeals for credible, peaceful polls

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By Golok Nanmwa

Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) on Tuesday called on the federal Government to do everything needed to give Nigerians a credible elections come 2019.

COCIN president Dachollom Datiri made this known while speaking at the 95th General Church Council of COCIN in Jos.

“We task all COCIN pastors and leaders to give spiritual leadership and guidance to our teeming members in the electoral process and to eschew getting entangled into partisan politics or allow themselves be used by desperate politicians, we call on our teeming members to ensure they discharge their civic responsibility with patriotic zeal and vote only God fearing and credible candidates.” he said.

“I am calling on Government to take her primary and constitutional responsibility seriously and guarantee the security of lives and property of her citizenry. I am repeating what i stated in my report and speech in the last GCC, some pastors are showing flagrant disregard of church policies and directives, this council needs to direct RCC chairmen to go back and warn all their pastors because this will no longer be tolerated, any pastor who chooses to go a different direction with the church is not yet to work for COCIN and must be made to change or be shown the way out.” Datiri continued.

“COCIN condemns in very strong terms the act of criminality that led to the killing of Retired General Alkali and any act of criminality for that matter, the police should conduct a thorough, honest and transparent investigation so as to fish out the real criminals and make the them face the full wrath of the law, the unfortunate harassment of a whole community including people passing through those communities violates international reputation in peacekeeping” he added.

“We heralded the fight on corruption of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration when he started, as a church we cannot associate ourselves with any fight against corruption that is bias, we call on the federal Government to regain the confidence of Nigerians by being fair and just in this fight.” the COCIN president concluded.

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