2023: Media Group laud Ide Owodiong’s blueprint for A’ Ibom

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A foremost professional media group operating under the aegis of Media Professionals for Good Governance have evaluated programmes of governorship aspirants in Akwa ibom and singled out Obong Ide Owodiong Idemeko’s blueprint as comprehensive and satisfactory.

Addressing journalists in Uyo, Coordinator of the group Mr Dennis Umo noted that the group which is apolitical but promotes good governance arrived at the conclusion after painstakingly going through the various programmes of the major aspirants in the governorship race.

“You all know that we have served our state and nation at different times as society watch dogs. Our assessment is devoid of any sentiment. We took time to go through the programmes of all the major aspirants and got marveled at the over 234 paged blueprint advanced by Obong Ide Owodiong idemeko to turn around the fortunes of the state.” Umoh said.

The group highlighted that the blueprint did not only capture the several problems confronting the state but carefully advanced genuine ways to address them for the growth, progress and prosperity of the state.

“The unique thing about his blueprint is the painstaking analysis and well detailed possible solutions to the identified challenges and these cut across all sectors of the state and beyond.” The Coordinator explained.

They said Idemeko’s plan for Education Agriculture and Health sectors will revive these critical sectors and put the state back on sound footing.

“Akwa ibom people will be the greatest beneficiaries of these programmes, this blueprint is all inclusive and far reaching and we as a people must support this vision for the interest of our Children and future generation.

“The Guber aspirant’s vision on local government administration is excellent. We need an independent local government councils, separated from the apron strings of the state government. we need vibrant legislature and independent judiciary to rejig the system for progress and prosperity.” He explained.

The group said available records show that the ex ExxonMobil Chief had a strong masters degree in political science and capped it with 30 years unblemished record of service in top rated oil conglomerate ExxonMobil working in its different branches across the world.

“We are also abreast of his numerous humanitarian gestures as an individual and also through Wodiong-senie foundation co founded with the wife.

The group further acknowledged the aspirant’s passion and advocacy for true federalism stressing that he has over the years stands firm in calling for true separation of powers and transparency in governance.

“Akwa ibom will be better off with Ide Owodiong as our next governor, he has content, the pedigree, compassion and more so excellent virtues to administer Akwa ibom state.

“We also acknowledged his tremendous strides in sports development dating back to his days at Mobil Pegasus club which is enviable and also applauded his mega plans for sports development which will take our youths off the streets and provide them with gainful employment within the state and outside the country.” They further highlighted.

The group also eulogised Owodiong’s proposed security plan for the state, his robust plan for transportation, creation of nine additional mega cities ,sanitation and proper sewage control and proposed Empowernent for all categories of people in Akwa ibom state.

“We recommend Akwa ibom people to go through the blueprint and see how prepared Ide Owodiong is to govern the state, he has done a painstaking job which may have cost quality time and resources but in all, it Worth’s the efforts. He can be trusted with our collective destiny.” They said.

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