2023: We Don’t Want To Delve Into Tinubu’s Health Condition, Says Datti

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*Asks APC presidential candidate to step aside if… or face defeat

*Commends Shettima on improved dressing

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Vice president candidate of Labour Party, Baba Ahmed-Datti, yesterday gave reasons why he and Peter Obi, the presidential standard bearer of the party, will not speak about the health condition of of the All Progressive Congress presidential standard bearer, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This was even as he advised Tinubu to step aside if in earnest he has a health condition that will affect him in office, otherwise he should prepare to face humiliation at the polls if he insisted on contesting to contest next year.

Datti also congratulated the vice presidential candidate of the APC, Kashim Shettima, for improving on his dressing, however implored the former Borno Governor to “improve on his public composure and discipline in communication”, saying that “Shettima is called upon to speak kindly and more responsibly about all personalities if only to uphold long-established standards”

The Labour Party vice presidential candidate stated these at a press conference in Abuja where he accused the ruling APC of reneging on the National Peace Pact signed by political parties and their candidates.

He expressed worries that despite the noble objectives of the peace initiative, disinformation and misinformation about the Labour Party and its candidates have become fashionable in this election season, specifically accusing APC of “promoting falsehood and empty derogatory personal attacks”, on Peter Obi “because they can find no contentious points of negativity to push.

He said Earlier attempts to discredit the Obi’s candidacy through fabricated allegations of demolition of mosques, internal deportation of Northerners, issuance of ID cards to northerners, and ethic hostilities were all conclusively proven to be false and without basis.

Fielding questions from journalists at the briefing, Datti said, “Nobody has ever heard me speak about the health condition of Bola Ahmed Tinubu or for that matter any other person. And I can speak for His Excellency, Peter Obi. We don’t speak about their personal conditions or any God given talents because there is philosophy behind it. There is morality behind it. I personally believe that the health in any body is bestowed by Almighty Allah”.

“When Tinubu could not show up for a variety of events, Obi spoke and he said I hope this gentleman is alright. He expressed that concern. I really really hope Tinubu is okay and Peter Obi and myself do not hold it against him that he is not well. The health and strength in Peter Obi and myself are God given. We really sympathize with Tinubu and will not hold it against him”

“However, Nigeria is too great for any individual and group. Bola Ahmed Tinubu claims to be a godfather, he can continue to be a godfather.

“It is not in our place to tell him that he is sick. If he thinks he can, please be our guest. Come to the field, we will beat you. But if you know you are not fit, please step aside, otherwise we will beat you but will also treat you kindly”, he advised.

Datti who was more specific with Shettima’s attacks on Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi, warned that if the “likes of Shettima are allowed to continue with unguarded language, it may lead to civic unrest”.

While he commended the former Borno State Governor for recently accepting his flaws and improving on his public appearance.

His words: Regular insults which have now become his trademark, have not spared the current Vice President whom he directed to go and sell ice cream, nor the former Vice President whom he described as a pure water seller, a noble venture which serves the populace better than a certain white substance.

“It is pertinent to recall how Mr. Shettima at a recent public event belittled Atiku Abubakar’s educational qualification as well as the modest lifestyle of Peter Obi. Clearly Mr. Shettima is out of touch with reality and cannot understand that people like Peter Obi who have reached the heights in business and material achievement have long transcended the need for ostentatious display of wealth.

“We congratulate Mr. Shettima on having improved his dressing, but equally remind him that he needs to improve on his public composure and discipline in communication. Shettima is called upon to speak kindly and more responsibly about all personalities if only to uphold long-established standards.

“We cannot also forget his disposition and uncooperative attitude when hundreds of schoolgirls were abducted under his watch as governor in 2014 where he did little to secure them in the first place or facilitate their rapid rescue; a Governor under who education was sustained as ‘forbidden’. The circumstances of his emergence as a Candidate in 2011 leaves yet many questions unanswered.

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