3 Signs That Cancer May Be Advanced and Incurable

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By  Milcah   Tanimu

Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis, and the stage at which it is detected is crucial. Early detection often offers better prognosis and more effective treatment options. However, certain symptoms may indicate that cancer is already in an advanced stage.

In cancer classification, there are five stages: Stage 0 (early development, pre-invasive, not malignant but may develop into one), Stage I (early phase of cancer advancement, very good prognosis), Stage II (moderately advanced cancer), Stage III (advanced cancer), and Stage IV (very advanced cancer with distant metastases, where the prognosis is very poor).

Cancer at Stage IV is characterized by metastases to distant parts of the body, often making it incurable. According to an analysis published in “The Lancet Oncology,” patients with Stage IV cancer commonly exhibit three symptoms: neck lump, chest pain, and back pain. Researchers examined 20 common cancer symptoms in 7,997 patients with 12 different solid cancers (including bladder, breast, ovarian, lung, and melanoma). In earlier stages, patients often experienced other symptoms such as abnormal moles, breast lumps, postmenopausal bleeding, rectal bleeding, urinary tract symptoms, hoarseness, fatigue, and weight loss.

Early detection is the most effective weapon against cancer. If you experience any of the following symptoms, it’s important to consult a primary care physician for a thorough evaluation: a lump that suddenly appears on the body, unexplained bleeding, or changes in bowel habits. While these symptoms may not always indicate cancer, they warrant medical attention to ensure early and accurate diagnosis.


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