3 Simple ways employers use to detect lies in CVs

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You may have heard about people who gave false accounts in their CVs and got away with it, that doesn’t mean you should do the same because you may not get way with it like they did.

Moreover, hiring managers do a lot of background checks on job applicants and you may not get lucky with those lies or exaggerations.

Well, here are ways by which employers can find out about lies in a CV:

1. Social Media Research

Don’t copy another person’s CV. Create yours.

This is the easiest way to expose fake I formation in a job applicant’s credentials. If you have social media account, it’s important the date and other basic information on those account match with the one in the CV you submit for a job application.

Employers know job candidates sometimes manipulate dates to cover up employment gap or a short period of work experience. They know this and that’s why the conduct social media research about job applicants. Sometimes, all they have to do is to google you and BOOM! Your lies are exposed.

2. Background Checks

It’s very easy for a prospective employer to contact your former employers and educational institutions to verify credential claims. Even if this check is not done before you’re offered the job, the company might decide one day to conduct general assessments and verification process for all its staff members, if your CV is riddled with lies, you’ll have to face the embarrassment all alone.

3. Skill Assessment

Your company might decide to conduct skill assessment for all staff members and that may expose your lies.

Employers often conduct skill assessment to validate whether their employees have the skill and experience they claim to have or not.

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