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5 ways your job can stress you and tips on how to deal with it

A study titled Workplace Stress and Anxiety Disorders Survey has shown that 72% of people who have daily stress report that it interferes with their lives.

If your job interferes with your personal life, it could lead to stress and career dissatisfaction, which is why it is very important you identify what stresses you in your job and find a way to deal with it.

Below are ways you job can stress you and ways to handle it:

1. Overworking

When your boss likes to involve you in every big project, you might need to spend a lot of time at the office or be forced to take work home with you. If this happens frequently to the point that you no longer sleep well, you might get stressed out.

When you notice this, don’t wait for it to break you before you start taking care of yourself. If your job gives you too much to handle and you’re feeling the weight on your health, discuss it with your boss and try to take a break. This could help you refresh and bounce back better.

2. Job insecurity

Thinking about an impending layoff is stressful. If you are constantly nursing a fear that you’ll lose your job, you may get stressed and that’s dangerous for your health.

However, since the fear of getting dismissed is giving you a nightmare, it’s better to be proactive before you become jobless. Having a plan in place or getting another job before the impending sack could relief you of stress.

3. Career dissatisfaction

If your career doesn’t match with your work values, personality type and interests, you’re not likely to be happy with your career direction. But instead of staying unhappy and doing nothing about it, you can easily change your career and look for a job in which your skills and values would be more appreciated.

4. Conflict with your boss or colleagues

Good relationship with your boss and colleagues could increase your productivity, but if you constantly have issues with them, you may not enjoy your job and that may give you a career headache. Just try your best to resolve conflicts to improve your relationship with your co-workers.

5. Job dissatisfaction

Working in an environment where your skills and abilities are not fully utilized or working in a workplace where you don’t have the right skills can be frustrating.

However, to manage this kind of job stress, you might have to quit the job. This might be an extreme action but trust me, it could be the best option.

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