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7 Signs you and your partner are not compatible

Here are signs that mean you and your partner are not just meant for each other in other words incompatible.


One of the not so obvious signs of incompatibility is lack of trust in your partner. Constantly having to worry about other people flirting with your partner, or even vice versa, could be a major problem. Not being able to trust your partner from the beginning doesn’t look so good for the future. For a relationship to be successful, you must both have equal trust in each other. If that’s not possible, you and your partner may not be well suited for each other.


Lack of sexual compatibility is a common issue plenty of couples deal with. The wants and needs between you and your partner having to do with sex may differ. Although this is not a bad thing, it could be something tearing your relationship apart. It may not be obvious to see these signs in the beginning of your relationship, but they most certainly will prevail later on. Sometimes a lack of attraction in one way or another will diminish the sexual compatibility. Other times, it may be that your partner is only concerned with constantly having sex. Either way, you two have to settle. If it’s not good now, it will only get worse.


Jealousy has a cunning way of making itself a part of our lives. Although it may not be easily recognizable, it always seems to pop up one way or another. In most cases, women don’t talk about what really bothers them, causing problems to get worse. If you always feel threatened by someone when they are around your partner, this may cause fear in the relationship. Jealousy may not leave physical scars but it most definitely can leave you with a damaged self-esteem. Having confidence that the relationship will last is key.


Arguing with your partner is healthy; to an extent. Constant arguing isn’t healthy. If you two occasionally bicker back and forth about meaningless little things, it can only bring you closer. Arguing is natural, and in most cases helps you get everything out. Laying everything out on the table sometimes even helps to better the relationship. On the other hand, having nothing to argue about may also be a problem. Disagreeing is only natural. Being able to open up to your partner without instantly being criticized is important to a good relationship. Between constant arguing and no arguing at all, there has to be a middle ground.


Everyone seems to have different hopes for a relationship. However, after a certain amount of #time, you’ll want to turn those hopes into goals. If you’re the type to want children and you’re dating a guy who just wants to chill, you’re in a relationship that’s not going anywhere. Your idea of wanting the perfect family will be crushed when he tells you he has to work from morning until night, five days a week. If you don’t have the courage to end #things and you’re just with him out of fear or hurting him and/or yourself, you have to get out of it. There are plenty of #people whose paths you have yet to cross. The frustration of a relationship like this isn’t at all worth it.


Secrets can come in many different forms. Whether they be sexual, emotional, or little white lies, they will always affect your relationship. Even if you convince yourself what you’re doing isn’t wrong, not being honest with your partner will cause you two to drift apart much quicker than you thought. Though it may only be a quick coffee grab with an ex, not being open with your partner will make them feel neglected. Talking about your secret feelings and/or affairs will bring you and your partner closer, helping the relationship become stronger.


A major sign of incompatibility in a relationship is having a lack of communication. Communication is a key factor. To be in a successful relationship, you have to get rid of the fear of being judged. In order to maintain stability, sustain good communication. Being open with your partner and compromising will help keep the relationship balanced. If you can’t voice your opinion, functioning in harmony will be almost impossible. An unhealthy relationship always starts with one person doing more for the other. So communicate with your partner and be as open as possible, then accommodating to each other’s needs won’t be so hard after all.

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