9 Foods Nigerians Can’t Do Without

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Food is one of the most essentials in the life of every living organism. Every living organism especially humans rely on the energy it provides for day-to-day activities. However, there are foods ubiquitous in certain regions of the world. The common ones in Nigeria that at least every Nigerian, both poor and the rich has tasted and can’t do without are;

Garri: Garri is a common food made from cassava (manihotspp) in a granulated form. It is also called the Life-saver, at least every Nigerian student can attest to that especially the ones from boarding schools because it’s cheap and affordable trust me when I tell you. Eba can be made from garri and eaten with any kind of soup.
Groundnut: this is another good food rich in protein. It is common in every Nigerian home because of its affordability and nutritional content. You can use it to cook soup and also you can eat it with different foods like garri, bread, garden egg, and some other food.
Bread: bread is another common food that every Nigerian can not do without, both the rich and the poor. It’s high in carbohydrates and many hard labourers chose it because of the fast energy it gives. It’s affordable and considered fast food. This food can be taken with tea, soft drinks, juice, pap, and akara, or even coffee
Noodles: this food here is popularly known as Indomie to every Nigerian, even though there are other brands, we still call it Indomie which is the first brand of noodles in the country. And it is so delicious compared to other brands. It’s best to serve with fried eggs or chicken. Hmmm, yummy!
Akara: This is another type of food common with the low-class citizens, however, most of the elite tasted it at some point in their lives..lolz. It’s made of beans and fried with veggie oil and it’s best served with pap popularly know as akamu. If you are a foreigner and guessing where to buy it, it’s right at every corner of the street in Nigeria.Lolz.
Corn: Corn is another type of food common in the 36 States of Nigeria. Roasted corn is popularly sold by the roadside and it’s best eaten with coconut or what is popularly known as the local pear. It’s highly rich in carbohydrates. It can also be processed into flour and use for cooking what is popularly known by northern Nigerians as tuwomasara.
Pasta: popularly known as Macaroni and spaghetti is another common meal in Nigeria. It’s made from wheat and it’s high in carbohydrates content. Food is one of the sources of income of the wealthiest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote. So that made it a high purchased food. It’s easy and fast to prepare.
Rice: finally rice. Rice is the most common food in Nigeria. No matter how inflated the price is, every Nigerian must eat it. It’s rich in carbohydrates and it’s commonly prepared with beans. It’s a popular culture in Nigeria to prepare it every Sunday after church service.
Beans: beans are popular with Nigerians. It’s rich in protein and can be used to make some other delicacies like moimoi and akara. It’s mostly cooked with rice in combination. But it’s popularly served with plantain or bread, or garri.

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