“A New Era Begins: President Tinubu Ends Fuel Subsidy”

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In his inaugural speech, President Tinubu announced that the era of fuel subsidy in Nigeria has come to an end. He emphasized that the 2023 Budget did not allocate any funds for fuel subsidy, and he no longer sees the justification for continuing the subsidy payment.

President Tinubu also addressed other key issues in his speech. He pledged to establish a unified exchange rate to promote economic stability. He expressed his commitment to addressing security challenges in the country, promising to reform the security architecture, invest in security personnel, provide better training, and equip them adequately.

Additionally, President Tinubu outlined his plans for economic development. He emphasized the importance of job creation, aiming to remodel the economy to promote growth and increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He vowed to combat extreme poverty, ensure food security, promote inclusivity for women and youths, and discourage corruption.

Overall, President Tinubu’s inaugural speech outlined his priorities, which include ending fuel subsidy, enhancing security, and fostering economic growth and development in Nigeria.

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