A self-proclaimed cleric, Prophet Metuh, has sparked reactions on social media after boldly asserting that the world will come to an end on Thursday (today)

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Claiming to have received a “clear message,” Prophet Metuh confidently declared that April 25, 2024, marks the end of the world. In a widely circulated video, he emphatically stated, “Rapture is coming,” insisting that the date was divinely revealed to him.

Dismissing criticisms from social media users, Prophet Metuh doubled down on his prophecy, urging people to take it seriously and prepare for the impending event. Despite facing ridicule online, he remained resolute in his message, emphasizing the need for readiness as the purported end approaches.

However, his claims were met with skepticism from some social media users, who pointed out the uncertainty surrounding the timing of the rapture, citing biblical references. Many expressed amusement and disbelief at Prophet Metuh’s assertion, questioning the authenticity of his revelation.

In response to the uproar, social media users mocked Prophet Metuh’s prophecy, with some jokingly suggesting extravagant actions before the supposed end of the world. Others called for government intervention to curb what they deemed as the spread of false information, emphasizing the potential consequences of such prophecies on society.

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