Abu Dhabi and his caterpillar revolution

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By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu

I have not had a formal interaction with Hon. Michael Ibe Nwoke, who is popularly known as Abu Dhabi. The young man is aspiring to serve as the executive local government chairman, which, God willing, he will emerge at the December 18 local government elections in Abia State.

Already, he has secured the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party. Before now and always, Abu Dhabi is a household name. This is not amplified  by his ambition to become the local government chairman, rather like given is a divine gift, Abu Dhabi has chosen to serve humanity with his God-given wealth. The testimony is: “Abu Dhabi is a man with soft heart, who does not hear the voice of the less privileged.

Recently, the social media and other physical public spaces are awash with the revolution Abu Dhabi has caused on rural roads across Obingwa. Most rural roads in the area have now assumed a facelift. By this singular gesture, Abu Dhabi has sent strong signals that he is going to complement the efforts of the governor in ensuring that the rural roads are opened up to grant the rural populace an unfettered access to the urban centres.

The philosophy behind this is that in developing world, the rural centres are more populated than the urban centres. Another leg to the argument is that the rural centres are populated  by people who thrive on commercial and subsistence agriculture. By implication ,who feed the urban population. But these rural farmers are in dire need of roads to convey these farm produce. Abu Dhabi’ s intervention in rural roads dotting the nooks and crannies of Obingwa is apt and commendable. Dhabi, keep it up!

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