Alleged Fake Legal Practitioner Arrested For Fraud, Impersonation

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An alleged fake legal practitioner, Mr. Olakunle Oladimeji Olawale, has reportedly been arrested for allegations of fraud and impersonation in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Olawale who allegedly claimed to be a lawyer deceiving and defrauding unsuspecting members of the public allegedly used ‘Barrister’ as a prefix to his name during an event in Abuja, which called for suspension, investigation, and eventual arrest.

Meanwhile, according to investigation by the legal counsel to ALJAZIRAH NEWSPAPER, Mr. JJ Usman (SAN), who also wrote to the Supreme Court to verify the enrollment of lawyers, and the Court’s response indicated that there was no one by the name of Olakunle Oladimeji Olawale registered as a practicing lawyer, which the Court challenged Olawale to present his call to Bar Certificate and Qualifying Certificate for enrollment.

The investigation revealed that Mr. Olawale had been allegedly masquerading as a legal advisor and agent to landlords in Abuja.

He also addressed himself as a civil society leader where he had been presenting himself as the leader under the cover of being a barrister to defaming members of the public over unfounded claims that cannot be substantiated.

He is currently facing the full wrath of the law at a Magistrate Court in Abuja with case number CR/39/2024.

Therefore, several cases of impersonation by individuals masquerading as lawyers make it imperative to sensitize Nigerians on how they can detect a fake lawyer based on the information the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, will give to Nigerians

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