Alleged Inducement: Idahosa Challenges Obaseki, Quits PDP for APC

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Former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees member, Hon. Charles Idahosa, has resigned from the PDP in Edo State and rejoined the All Progressives Congress (APC), his former party.

At a press conference where he was welcomed back to the APC amid celebrations, Idahosa challenged Governor Godwin Obaseki to name those he claims were financially induced to join the APC.

Idahosa urged the APC in Edo State to unite and work diligently to ensure that Obaseki and his political protégé, Asue Ighodalo, do not win the upcoming September 21st governorship election.

Reacting to Obaseki’s allegations that defectors were paid and his claim that the PDP would win 80% of the votes, Idahosa expressed his strong opposition to Obaseki’s re-election.

“When he came to beg me like a weather-beaten chicken, how much did he give me? Anytime he goes to a religious gathering, he claims those leaving the PDP were given money. My greatest regret is not allowing Obaseki to resign after his first term. He came to me three times saying he wanted to resign, but I persuaded him to stay for the sake of Benin’s interests,” Idahosa said.

He further criticized Obaseki’s confidence, saying, “Obaseki is delusional to think he will win 80% of the votes. Where will he get the votes?”

Idahosa called on APC members to unite, stating, “This is not the time for division in the APC. We will return Edo to the APC.”

He also defended Senator Monday Okpebholo’s qualifications to be governor, comparing dismissing Okpebholo’s credentials to underestimating Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, who, despite not having formal education, became the first black man to own a Boeing 747 and established a university.

Introducing Idahosa, Edo State APC Secretary, Engr. Lawrence Okah, described him as a founding member returning from a sabbatical. He handed over Idahosa’s membership card, calling him “the doyen of Edo South politics.”

Former Deputy Governor and leader of Edo South APC, Dr. Pius Odubu, expressed his delight, stating, “It’s a good catch anytime, any day, to have our senior brother Hon. Charles Idahosa back.”

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