Banky W Explains Why Money Isn’t the Key to Happiness

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Renowned musician and politician Banky W recently shared his perspective on why money isn’t the key to happiness, recounting an encounter he had with a sad billionaire.

In a recent interview, the singer and father of one discussed the relationship between money and happiness. He emphasized that within each person exists a void that can only be filled by God. Attempting to fill that space with money, women, alcohol, or other pursuits will never lead to true satisfaction.

Banky W maintained that while money is necessary for a comfortable life, it doesn’t guarantee happiness. He rhetorically questioned why many billionaires end their lives if money truly brings happiness.

He further shared a personal experience, revealing that he once sat across from a billionaire (measured in foreign currency, not naira) who eventually took his own life.

### Reactions from Netizens

– @pabloLIGHT01: “Money makes you happy for a while; it doesn’t keep you happy for a long time.”
– @Tonyjay: “Seriously, but it is well.”
– @EasyX247: “If money isn’t the key to happiness, why do so many people stress over it every day?”
– @SimisolaTomori: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”
– @Oyinkansola__xx: “Money doesn’t keep happiness though, but in all you do, have the money.”
– @Emmaohmygod162: “Na billionaire sabi wetin do hin papa. If my money come, my ishoro go dinku.”

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