Bauchi State Terminates Employment of Senior Civil Servant over Alleged N3 Million Salary Scam

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The Bauchi State Civil Service Commission (BSCSC) has dismissed Ibrahim Garba, the Chief Secretarial Assistant attached to the State Pension Board, due to allegations of “serious misconduct involving a salary and pension scam.”

The BSCSC’s decision was communicated through a statement issued by Mr. Saleh Umar, the Information Officer of BSCSC, in Bauchi on Tuesday.

According to the commission, Garba’s actions violated Public Service Rule (PSR) 0327(XI), which pertains to financial embezzlement.

“The commission’s decision to terminate Garba’s appointment was reached during the 17th plenary session held on August 1.

“A disciplinary committee within the State Pension Board found Garba guilty of switching the account number of the deceased Audu Mohammed with his own. This fraudulent act led to the alteration of the pay point after the deceased’s relatives reported his passing.

“As a result, Garba received an unauthorized pension for 55 months, totaling N54,871 per month for four years and seven months, which accumulates to over N3 million.

“This sum will be reclaimed from Garba’s benefits,” the statement revealed.

Furthermore, Alhaji Abubakar Usman, the chairman of the commission, urged state employees to act with integrity and religious devotion while performing their duties. He emphasized the significance of adhering to and observing public service rules.

Usman assured civil servants within the state that no worker would face unwarranted victimization, noting that the commission would not stand idly by as detrimental elements undermined the integrity of the service.

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