BHCF increase to N50bn will ensure quality healthcare for Nigerians – Prof. Ali Pate

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By Joyce Remi-Babayeju

The Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Muhammed Ali Pate has disclosed the Federal Government has doubled the Basic Health Care Fund, BHCF, from N25 billion allocated in 2022 to N50 billion.

Prof. Pate explained that this double increase infusion of funds into primary health care facilities is to ensure that no one is left behind while accessing quality care.

Prof. Pate said, “I announce that the Federal Government will be releasing N50 billion as the first tranche of the Basic Healthcare Fund, a significant increase from N25 billion allocated in 2022.

” This infusion of funds will breathe new life into our primary healthcare facilities, ensuring that quality care is accessible to all citizens.”

Prof. Pate stated this on Wednesday at a press briefing on the remarkable achievements made by the administration of President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, in advancing the health sector, particularly since May 2023.

While giving a scorecard on the health sector under the present administration, Pate noted the unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility, affordability within the period in view.

According to the minister, again the Federal Government is expanding health insurance coverage for citizens , recognizing the financial barriers individuals face while seeking medical care.

He said that government is supporting enrollment initiatives into the health insurance coverage , adding, “we have extended coverage to millions of Nigerians, safeguarding them against the financial hardships associated with healthcare expenses.”

The Minister of Health further noted that the ministry have prioritized the revitalization of primary healthcare facilities across the nation.

By ensuring the Primary healthcare facilities are adequately equipped and staffed to provide essential services to communities. Through sustained investment and strategic partnerships, we have expanded access to vital healthcare services, particularly in rural and underserved areas, improving health outcomes and reducing the burden of preventable diseases, the minister disclosed.

” In the past six months, the Government of Nigeria recruited 2,497 Doctors, Midwives/Nurses, and CHEWs to bridge the gaps due to attrition.”
” An additional 1,400 health facilities now have Skilled Birth Attendants to assist in deliveries at the health facilities, Prof. Pate revealed.

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