Bokinafaso, Niger, Benin republics are among 162 Kaduna Islamiah students, beggars arrested – Taskforce

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By Gabriel Udeh, Kaduna

The Corp Marshal and Chief executive officer (CEO) Kaduna State Environmental law Enforcement Authority (KASTELEA), Major Garba Yahya Rimi (rtd), said the number of students of Shiekh Dahiru Bauchi islamiah school students and street beggars arrested have increased from 140 to 162.

Major Rimi who is also the chairman Task Force on COVID-19 guidelines in kaduna state also revealed, in interview with our correspondent that parents of an Almajiri boy who was knockdown in kaduna has not been found, five days after the incident.

He disclosed that the task force will engaged the service of specialist that would assist them identified the language of some Almajiris and the foreigners before dispatched them to their various states of origin according to directives of the government. 
According to him, the foreigners of islamiah students from Bokinafasso, Niger and Benin republics, would be handed over to the immigration service for proper repatriation after they’ve been soughted out.

He expressed worry that “about 5 to 6 days ago, I had a man with an Almajiri who was knock down around bypass, and uptil now nobody could trace the parents. No Govt will fold its hands and watch such thing happening in his state.

Major Rimi stated that “we don’t target individual, “It’s not only sheikh Dahiru Bauchi. “We go by the law. And before we commenced, Kaduna state government, under the leadership of Mall. Nasir el-Rufai, constituted a committee, and a terms of reference was giving to us and we’re going by that terms. “And sometimes ago, the 19th northern States Governors and Fct Minister’s representative had a meeting at state house in Kaduna and resolved that Almajiris be taking back to their various states of origin after deliberation, to go to formal or Almajiri schools in their Area, where they can go back to their parents houses when closed from the school and that’s the law we’re using” he said.
He also noted that “Also  there’s a Kaduna law 2016 banning street begging or hawking in Kaduna State.

“So most of what we’re doing is based on those law. But People said we’re targeting sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, that’s not the truth. “Because the first time, we arrested about 22 Almajiris traveling from some states to another part of the country. “And at the same time we moved to the other side and arrested about 140 which we convey to Hajj camp legally allowed by the state government. 

They’re (islamiah) student, and are more than 160 to162 all together because the number is increasing and their are two of them who could not tell us exactly where they came from.
“We are trying to get specialist to help us find out, who’ll understands the language they’re speaking because we don’t understand. “The number could keep increasing, any given time because the operation will still continue for three months, and will cut across the 23 local government of the state. 

“So it’s not only in Kaduna town”, he said.. On how along they’ll keep the Almajiris at Hajj camp? He said, “We’ll sought them out and dispatch them to their home states soon. “Not all of them are Nigerians. Some are from country’s like Niger republic, Bokinafaso and Benin republic. 

“And we’re going to handover to immigration to sought them out and know whether they’re are in Nigeria legally or not. “We pick the 140 from the house they call their islamiah, from same place, and whether they have another place, we don’t know. “19th States and Abuja agreed that any beggar without a parent in the state should be arrested and repatriated to his own state, LG or ward as the case maybe. 

“Any of the destitute like beggars, there’s a law banning them from going to street and if intercepted will be treated based on the same directive of the governors”, he said. End

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