Brazilian Fan Bequeaths Property to Neymar, Citing Admiration and Personal Connection

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In an unconventional act of generosity, a Brazilian fan has decided to leave his entire property to Neymar, the renowned football star. The 30-year-old fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, expressed deep admiration for Neymar and a sense of identification with him. Facing health issues, the fan saw this as an opportunity to pass on his belongings to someone he believed truly deserved it.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to directly hand over his assets to Neymar, the fan took a formal approach by drafting a notarized will. This legally binding document solidifies his decision and ensures that Neymar becomes the designated recipient of his property. The fan’s choice was motivated by Neymar’s remarkable talent on the field, as well as his close bond with his family, which resonated deeply with the fan’s own experiences.

While some may question the selection of a wealthy athlete as the beneficiary, the fan highlighted Neymar’s perceived lack of greed as a distinguishing factor. The fan recognized Neymar’s character and considered him deserving of this unique gesture. As one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with estimated earnings of $85 million in 2023 according to Forbes, Neymar’s inclusion in the fan’s will has attracted attention. However, it serves as a testament to the personal admiration and connection that the fan feels towards the footballer.

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